Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Taiwan Drama - Hot Shot 籃球火

Saturdays have become more exciting with 2 great dramas debuting on Starhub Channel 55 and 56. I watched the first 2 episodes (total 18 episodes) of this Taiwanese idol drama based on basketball players on Starhub channel 56 and it was quite funny, entertaining and i like the cool music. The drama will be showing every Saturday, 7pm. The main leads of the drama are Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zun who are the 3 biggest male idols in Taiwan.

Korean drama "On Air" is also finally showing in Singapore and although i have watched it online in May 2008 and wrote of the drama in my previous article(http://ladyjansneverland.blogspot.com/2008/06/korean-drama-on-air.html), i still can't resist watching the drama again as it is such an interesting drama. For those who have not watched it yet, you should definitely catch the drama as it gives you great insight into drama productions!! I normally spends Saturday nights watching EPL soccer matches and the 2 new dramas would clash with my live soccer matches but luckily there are repeats of the dramas on cable and i can watch and support my favourite Manchester United matches before catching up on the dramas :>
I have been wanting to buy the DVD set with English subtitles of "On Air" to add to my drama collections but finds it too expensive to spend $35-$40+ buying a drama that i have watched before from the video stores (Poh Kim, Blue Max and TS are selling the drama DVD and VCD sets). I would rather wait till the price drops to less than $30 before buying.

Back to "Hot Shot", the story starts with Jerry Yan's character Dong Fang Xiang who is a legendary and star basketball player in his school. However he decided that he does not wish to continue playing basketball and transfers to a school that has the worse record in basketball competitions. In the school where academic reigns supreme and sports are relegated to a dusty corner of the campus, Li Ying (Coco Jiang) the daughter of the principal vows to revive the basketball team by volunteering to be the head coach.

The basketball team in the school is known as the worse in the country and none of its students wish to join the team. Li Ying's first member is Yuan Da Ying (Show Luo), a country boy who is passionate for basketball but has no skill as his late grandmother had refused to let him play the sport. He only gets his chance to play basketball after her death and was told by his grandmother to seek the help of Li Ying's late grandfather so that he can be a successful basketball player. Li Ying, Da Ying and another member of the basketball team's recruitment goes into high gear when they realise that Dong Fang Xiang has joined their school and hopes to convince him to join their basketball team with disastrious and comical results.

Around the same time, Yuan Da Ying falls for Zhan Jie Er (Zhou Cai Si), a scholarship student who reminds him of his childhood friend. Things are complicated by the fact that her family works for Dong Fang Xiang, who she also grew up with. Their encounter may just rewrite the school's basketball history.

Wu Zun’s character Wu Ji Zun, is on the enemy team against Fang Xiang and Da Ying, Ji Zun has held 3 consecutive high school records as MVP, and has been imaginary enemy of many basketball players. In the drama, there will be amazing basketball sequences between Dong Fang Xiang and Yuan Da Ying and Wu Ji Zun.


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