Monday, November 24, 2008

Hong Kong Drama - The Building Blocks of Life / 建築有情天

I noticed this 20 episodes modern romance drama when i was at Poh Kim Video Store earlier as Alex Fong and Tavia Yeung whom i like alot plays the main characters in the drama. The drama was shown in Hong Kong in December 2007 and is a love triangle between Alex Fong, Tavia Yeung and Christine Ng. The plot revolves around an architecture theme and the office politics facing the workers. I usually dislikes watching love triangle dramas as i find it draggy but will give this drama a try since i'm curious to watch Alex and Tavia acting together. It has also been awhile since i watched Alex's previous drama "Dreams Link".

Reality bites!

Does a man prefer less freedom or less burdens?

Interior design company owner Isaac Chung Kwok Keung (Alex Fong) used to be a favorite student of renowned architect Kwong Shing Yue (Chung King Fai). He gave up his dream of becoming an architect when his father passed away and he had to take up the family business. As time goes by, the ambitious Keung has become an ambitionless man who has no opinions of his own.

He has a prosaic relationship with Winnie Ching Wai Yee (Christine Ng), an estate agent who he has been going out for six years. No love sparks fly between them. They make wedding plans because (1) they have been together for a long time and, (2) everyone who knows them expect them to. He has to rewrite his blueprint in life with the appearance of Freeda Cheung Man Ching (Tavia Yeung). Ching meets Keung through work. She has mixed feelings for him, but she forces herself to suppress them when she knows that he has a girlfriend. Yet the unexpected always happen.

Firstly, she and Yee become close friends because of a traffic accident. Since then she has to try hard to avoid seeing Keung. Secondly, as if it was not worse enough, a new building project brings her and Keung together again. Love starts to blossom secretly between the two. As much as possible they try to suppress their newfound interest in each other.

Meanwhile, with the help of Yue, Keung pulls himself together. He is confident of handling interpersonal relationship, too. But Yue's help has upset another student of his, who pledges to frame Keung up. As for relationships, Keung finds it hard to leave Yee, who has stuck with him through thick and thin, for Ching, who he loves truly…


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