Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Best Time to Satisfy a Craving


Got a craving? If you’re going to indulge, do it as early in the day as you can.

Why? Because the later you do it, the more you’ll probably need to eat to feel satisfied.

Better Early Than Late

Yep, timing is everything when it comes to feeding a yen. Research shows that our capacity to feel satisfaction from our food is stronger in the morning and grows progressively weaker throughout the day. In other words, you may have to really chow down at night to satisfy a craving. Researchers believe that circadian and diurnal rhythms -- the body’s natural daily patterns -- determine this effect. Bottom line: Don’t undereat during the first part of your day. You’ll likely just make up the calories -- and then some -- later on. Did you know? It’s okay to eat a big breakfast. Here’s why.

Large, Medium, and Small

If you’re looking to lose a few extra pounds (or just hold steady), a recent study suggests it may be best to eat your largest meal in the morning, followed by a midsize lunch, and an even smaller dinner. Try these additional tips to help you quell cravings and curb calories:

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