Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Bride Hunter - Amy Appleton

I chanced upon the book review for this novel "The Bride Hunter" while reading the September 2008 issue of Vanilla a local magazine and is tempted to reserve the book from the library as the reviewer had written that any romantic comedy lover will enjoy this book and i'm sure i would too since i love reading a good romance novel ;> The reviewer had wrote that the writer's take on love and "happy ever after" is humorous and refreshingly realistic. The main character of the book is Becca Orchard who is a headhunter-turned-matchmaker whose clients include busy rich men seeking help to find life partners. Armed with detailed lists of what they look for in a bride, they turn to Becca to sort out their love lives.

In turn, she never lets them down, even going as far as writing wedding proposals for them. But Becca's heartbreak over a failed relationship inadvertently haunts her. While she appears in control on the job, she is hurt and lonely. It is only when she takes on a job to find a groom for an ambitious female client that she finally faces up. She is utterly determined to save others from a lonely fate while at the same time keeping her own heart safe from further harm. Complications ensue when she realizes that she might be in danger of falling once more to the siren call of love despite all her efforts. This is a fun book, good for light reading when commuting to work on the train. It's filled with funny and heartwarming moments; a definite page-turner. For those who enjoys reading romance comedy novels, you might wish to consider borrowing the book from the library or buying it at the bookstores.

(Source: Vanilla Magazine Singapore, September 2008 edition)

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