Friday, November 14, 2008

Opening of New Yishun Library at Northpoint

(Location Map of Yishun library taken from website)

I went to the newly opened library at Yishun Northpoint earlier with my hubby, mum, brother, aunt and cousin and we borrowed alot of books, magazines and travel guides. It was so crowded and we had to queue at the borrowing station. I found alot of books that i have been wanting to read. Below are pictures of the books i borrowed to share with everyone:

Twenty Wishes - Debbie Macomber (I have been wanting to borrow this book from the library for quite awhile but it was always borrowed by other people at Sembawang library and i was so excited when i finally get my hand on the book!)

Someday Soon - Debbie Macomber

Morning Comes Softly - Debbie Macomber

Sweet Talk - Susan Mallery

Natural Health Magazine US, October 2008 edition

Health & Fitness Magazine UK, Sept/Oct 2008 edition

Vanilla Magazine Singapore, October 2008 final edition

The Nile - Insight Guides (I have been wanting to read up more about Egypt and Tunisia after watching Josh Berstein's programmes on History and Discovery Channel)

Egypt - Eyewitness Travel

Tunisia - Eyewitness Travel

Behind the Scenes at Manchester United (This is another great find that i have not seen at other libraries)

Look at the long queue just to borrow books!!!

Came across Nigella Lawson's latest cook book "Nigella Express" on the bookself, if i had not bought the book i would borrow it immediately as i really enjoy reading and trying out the recipes on her cookbooks as i'm a huge fan of her :>)

Lot of magazines to read and borrow!!!

Tea break at the cosy cafe in the library and magazine reading time as i can't possibly borrow all the magazines, managed to read alot of magazines while enjoying my yummy summer peach drink

Lunch again at Ishi Mura:

Salmon Tofu Rice

I couldn't resist taking more pictures of the nice lights, my aunt and cousin also enjoyed eating at Ishi Mura

Dinner again at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe:

There was a super long queue outside the cafe even at 6pm and we were lucky to get seats soon

My brother had the Curry Ramen $8.90

I had my favourite fish fillet Cheese Baked Rice $9.90

Hubby had fish slice hor fun $9.80 but the fish slice was tasteless and could do with more seasoning although hor fun was yummy

My mum and aunt shared fish mee sua $7.50 and we ordered some dim sums to share

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