Monday, November 17, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It has been raining so frequently lately that i'm down with a terrible cold after spending few hours yesterday with hubby reading at the cafe in Yishun library as it was cold and raining heavily outside and i forget to bring a sweater. My brother's poor dog Snowy is real scare of heavy rain and the sound of thunder and has to spend most of his time hiding under my mum's bed recently as it has been raining so frequently :<

I already borrowed alot of nice books during my previous visit to the library and i could not resist borrowing more when i came across books like "Nefertiti: Unlocking the Mystery Surrounding Egypt's Most Famous and Beautiful Queen" by Joyce Tyldesley as i have been hoping to read more about this mysterious queen of Egypt after watching a show about her on "Digging for the Truth" History Channel. I also borrowed "Birthright" written by another of my favourite writer Nora Roberts and "The New Mrs. Lee's Cookbook, Vol. 2: Straits Heritage Cuisine" as i was so tempted to try out some of the wonderful and yummy recipes in the cookbook.

Hubby and i wanted to eat our dinner at Ishi Mura again but it was so crowded and we could not find seats due to the food court being featured in "The Sunday Times" 16 November 2008 edition and we ended up buying the fish katsu curry rice set back home to eat. I tried the dory banana balls but it tasted funny. The curry was yummy though.

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