Saturday, November 1, 2008

Gathering cum Wii Sports TV Game Party

It was Halloween yesterday and some of my friends came to my place for dinner cum Wii Sport TV game party. It has been awhile since we met up and we had alot of fun playing Wii sport games and it was a good way of entertainment and also helps us to digest our dinner. I love the shooting, tennis and bowling games and it is definitely more fun and exciting playing with friends. We also discovered that one of my friend who is real ladylike and gentle is a boxing expert and she really thrashed all of us in the game heehee.. and this is the first time i have seen her "violent" side after knowing her for so many years.

I went to the Women's Fair 08 at Marina Square in the morning to renew my magazine subscriptions and had lunch there with my mum and did not have much time to cook by the time i got home. It was real crowded at the fair and but i managed to get lot of free gifts when i renewed my "Simply Her" magazine for another 3 years. I have been a loyal reader of the magazine since it started few years ago and i like the recipes and cool household tips featured in the magazine.

I decided to cook something simple, my favourite tomato mushroom sauce pasta with mushroom meatballs and honey baked ham and mushroom potato soup using instant campbell soup (you just have to add 2 slices of cheese to the soup and it tastes real yummy :>) for dinner and baked some frozen chicken nuggets. Below are some pictures i took of our dinner cum game time. Weekends are usually soccer time for me and i'm looking forward to watch the match between Man U and Hull City coming up in half an hours time. Hopefully my favourite player Ronaldo would score again!!

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