Thursday, October 30, 2008

Korean Drama - Worlds Within / The World That They Live In

This is another Korean drama that i have been looking forward to watching other than "Kingdoms of the Winds" which have started showing in Korea for awhile and i have not had the time to watch yet. Most of my available tv time recently has been spent watching Hong Kong and Japanese dramas like "Code Blue", "Moonlight Resonance" and "The Four". With those dramas ending, i'm only focusing on watching "The Gem of Life" now and would have time to start watching "Worlds Within" :> I'm looking forward to this drama as it was also filmed in Singapore :> I'm not watching "Kingdoms of the Winds" yet as my hubby is also looking forward to watching this follow up drama to "Jumong" and we are waiting for the DVD set to be available before watching it together. Its gonna be a long wait as the video stores are just selling "On Air" now and I'm actually quite tempted to watch it online first hehe...

Back to "Worlds Within", it is a 16 episodes KBS drama that stars Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo, 2 of my favourite Korean actors! Song Hye-kyo will work with PD Pyo Min-soo again, their last collaboration was “Full House” from 4 years ago. In this drama, she will play Joo Joon-young, who is direct and confident; she will show viewers the matured attractiveness/charm of a career woman.

Hyun Bin will also return from a 2-year hiatus; his last TV appearance was TV drama “Snow Queen”. He will play drama PD Jung Ji-oh, he will show viewers a tender yet strong charisma. Using television as its backdrop, this drama will depict the process of television drama production. The plot is quite similiar to "On Air" and there will definitely be alot of comparison to the drama and also ratings. However "Worlds Within" will be different from “On Air” which focused more on the lives of directors, cast, etc, as it concentrates more on how a drama is being made from start till the end. Expectations are running high for this brand new drama series starring two of the most popular actors of their generation. However i'm sure the pairing of Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo has already made the drama a success in drama lovers and their fans' heart. "Worlds Within" will bring out the stories of drama production staffs; the warm, touching stories of their love and life. The drama will also show viewers the conflicts that goes into producing dramas and the tireless work that production staff has to go through.

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