Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good Idea 生活智慧王

I have been hooked to this interesting Taiwanese TV show with tonnes of innovative and useful homemaking tips and DIY creations. Most of the ideas are contributed by viewers of the show and tested by the show production team. It is currently showing on cable TV, TVB8 channel 53 every Saturday, 8pm .I have been regularly following each episodes as long as it does not clash with my EPL matches. It is hosted by Wang Yue and Chao Lam. Watch it to learn how to go about completing your day-to-day chores with greater ease and efficiency! You can also get more information about the show from its website:, i have difficulty getting more information about the show online and most of the informations are in Mandarin.

I just learnt a healthier and interesting method of cooking cheese baked rice using mashed tofu instead of cream sauce from tonight's episode. I'm gonna try it next week and would share the pictures and method if it turns out to be good :> There are alot of other useful and unique ideas like how to bake a cake in 1 minute, folding clothes the fastest way etc. which can also be found on youtube website. Here are some interesting video i found:





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