Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hong Kong TVB Drama - The Gem Of Life / 珠光寶氣

"You may wish to be a famous socialite.You may wish to have fame and fortune. But is that really what you will wish for at the end?"

This TVB's 80 episodes grand production (setting the record as the most expensive TVB production) to celebrate TVB's 41st Anniversary has started showing in Hong Kong since 20th this month. (Watch online at The series will revolve around the struggle and rivalry of three sisters in the world of diamonds and jewels business which depicts an intricate, moving story. Filming locations include Hong Kong, Qingdao, Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand, London, Paris and Tibet. The selling point of the drama is its strong casts and i would definitely be watching it for my favourites actors like Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Gigi Lai, Wong Hei, Bosco Wong, Ada Choi and Bowie Lam. It would also be interesting to watch Linda Chung and Louise Lee playing different characters as a spoiled brat and a manipulative matriarch which are completely different from their roles in "Moonlight Resonance".

This drama would also be TVB leading lady Gigi’s last TV series of her acting career as she has announced that she would be retiring from showbiz to take care of her younger brother who is recovering from serious brain injuries after a road accident. She is a great actress and i always enjoys watching her drama and it is a pity that she is retiring at the peak of her tv career. So fans of Gigi must definitely support this drama!

Linda Chung would be starring as Sung Tsz Ling in the drama who is a spoiled, bratty, rich, and manipulative party girl. She treats men as toys and will have many clubbing and seducing scenes. She’s sworn enemies with Gigi’s character, Hong Nga Tung. Despite courting many men in the series, Tsz Ling will be mainly involved in a love triangle with Bosco and Wong Hei’s characters. Her character is quite different from the other good girls roles that she used to play and i'm looking forward to her acting.

The drama focuses on Louise Lee's character Pak Siu Yau's three daughters. In Yau's eyes, her three daughters are just as perfect as diamonds. She believes that the greatest blessing for a woman is to marry a wealthy man. To guarantee a better life for her daughters, she has started training the girls since they were young, hoping that they will marry into the richest families when they mature.

YAU’s first daughter Hong Nga Yin (Maggie Shui) does not agree with her on her values. Yet when she sees that the man Yin is going out with is Ko Cheung Sing (Bowie Lam), who is very well-off, she decides to let Yin go with her choice. Yau’s second daughter Hong Nga Tung (Gigi Lai), is hopelessly romantic but does not seem to have much luck with men. To make it up to her, Yau seeks to match her up with Ho Chit Nam (Moses Chan), the son of Hong Kong’s most powerful business tycoon Ho Fung (Yueh Hua). Being the youngest in the family, Hong Nga Sz (Ada Choi) is well aware of Yau’s concerns. Having recovered from divorce, Sz now decides to pin all her hopes on Fung.

Yau’s persistence pays off and her daughters have all found a wealthy husband. But money does not really bring them happiness and the sisters are gradually losing themselves in vanity....

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