Friday, October 24, 2008

Hong Kong TVB Drama - Steps / 舞动全城

I have been watching Bernice Liu's drama "Steps" which started showing on Starhub Channel 55 recently every Monday to Friday, 8pm. After watching another of her drama, "The Brink of Law" which she also starred with Steven Ma, i feel that they are really compatible on screen and i have been looking forward to them acting as a couple again in "Steps" where they shared alot of dancing scenes. "Step" was shown in Hong Kong late last year and the ratings were quite good. I'm also attracted to the drama as the main theme of the drama is about dancing and it was fun seeing all the other characters in the drama taking up Latin dancing to keep fit. I also like the theme song "So In Love With You" which was sung by Bernice Liu and she has a really nice voice.

In "Step", Bernice plays Lee Sum Ying, a gifted dancer who failed in her audition for a place in the Hong Kong Dance Company due to an arm injury which was accidentally caused by her brother's colleague Ching Ka Tsun (Steven Ma). At the invitation of Tsun’s mother, Ying goes to teach Latin dance at her dance school, in the hope that she can save up enough money for further studies abroad. Ying has a very warm personality and is well-liked by many of her students, which makes another dance tutor, Tsun's younger sister, Ching Ka Man (Fala Chen), incredibly jealous. Man dislikes Ying so much that she means to make things difficult for her in every possible way.

Kate Tsui plays Yeung Sze Man, Ying's best friend and the daughter of her brother, Lee Lik Keung (Wayne Lai) and Tsun’s boss. She is appointed to take charge of the health drink company and announced a series of reforms in order to improve staff morale and their health. She forces her staff to learn dancing so that they can get more physical exercise.

Ying is hired as the dance teacher of Tsun and his colleagues. Tsun, who has some knowledge in dancing soon resumed his interest and love of it. Ying and Tsun gradually developed a close bond with each other and even decided to take part in an international dance competition as partners, but the pair’s relationship is put to the test when Tsun and Keung later fall out over business matters. The discord between the two men has put Ying in dilemma...

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Oranda7 said...

yea^^steps is real nice^^i'm planning 2 take latin dance,bt i stil nd my parent's permission b4 tat..haix...n i lyk matthew ko hu starred as dickson in e show>_*