Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Japanese Curry Rice

One of my favourite food is Japanese Curry Rice as i cannot eat spicy curry. Japanese curry is also sweet and healthier because there is no coconut milk added. You can serve with rice or udon and it is very easy to cook. I always buy the ready made sauce (there are a wide variety to choose from, i bought curry with a touch of apple and honey) from the supermarket at Bishan Junction 8. Not all supermarkets sell Japanese Curry, you can also buy at the Isetan Supermarket at Orchard. I just had to follow the instruction on the packaging to boil the curry. I would then add in potato, shitake mushroom, broccoli florets to the boiling curry and let it simmered for awhile. As you can see from the picture, i also added fried fish fillet and scrambled egg which are optional. You can just serve the curry over rice if you prefer something lighter and healthier. The fun thing about Japanese Curry Rice is that you can add in whatever ingredients you like. I found that mushroom goes very well with the curry and enhances its taste. I had also fried some pratas and it goes very well with the curry :>

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