Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cheese Baked Rice

In my previous post, i wrote about getting lot of great household and cooking ideas from this Taiwanese TV show "Good Idea". I tried using its recipe to cooked cheese baked rice yesterday and it turned out to be quite yummy :> I made some changes to the recipe to suit my taste as i do not like seafood which was used in the original recipe. You can use whatever ingredients you like for the dish as the main selling point of the recipe is using tofu as sauce instead of cream which makes it healthier and less sinful to eat.

Ingredients I Used:

1) Tofu

2) Ham

3) Sausage

4) Mushroom

5) Cooked Rice

6) Salt & Pepper

7) Mozaralla Cheese

8) 2 eggs


1) Fried ham, sausage, egg and mushroom separately(i added some oyster sauce and garlic for the mushroom).

2) Mashed tofu and add some salt and pepper

3) Placed rice, half portion of mashed tofu, egg, ham, sausage and mushroom in a bowl and
mixed throughly

4) Placed the mixed rice in a baking tray and add some cheese on top, add the rest of the mashed tofu and then some more cheese and you can put in the oven to bake

5) I estimated the baking time and temperature as the show did not specific the temperature of the oven and only said that the time is 15 minutes. I set the oven temperature at 150 and it took about 25 minutes to bake. I had to constantly monitor so that it would not be burnt. I guess i'm gonnna try setting the temperature to 200 the next time so that the dish would be completed quicker. Do try out this recipe if you are also a fan of cheese baked rice like me :> You can add other toppings to the dish like fish (just fry the fish first) if you are craving for fish baked rice.

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