Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thoughts on TVB Drama The Gem Of Life / 珠光寶氣

I was initially undecided if i should watch this drama was it has so many episodes and might turn out to be quite draggy. But after watching 3 episodes last night online at i was hooked. The plot started off quite interesting and focuses on Pak Siu Yau's (Louise Lee) 3 daughters. The drama started with Yau's 3 married daughters facing difficulties in their marriages.

Eldest daughter Hong Nga Yin (Maggie Shui) places work as her first priority and her marriage with her pilot husband Yip Fu Tim (Patrick Dunn) ended due to some misunderstandings and wrongful interference by Yau. Second daughter Hong Nga Tung (Gigi Lai), is a hopeless romantic and indecisive woman and had eloped with her husband Derek (Eddie Kwan) to Canada 3 years ago when Yau objected to their marriage. She came back to Hong Kong when Derek abandoned her and Yau made her realised that Derek has always been cheating on her. Third daugher Hong Nga Sz (Ada Choi) appears to be Yau's favourite daughter and is married to a rich businessman Yeung Chi Kao (Chiang Chi Kwong) who always fools around outside. The couple are facing financial difficulties afer Kao's company runs into problems. The first 3 episodes shows Sz falling out with Yin and Tung over her husband's love affairs. Sz does not get along with her 2 other sisters especially Tung as she feels that her husband still carries a torch for her.

Ho Tai Wor (Wong Hei) is their childhood friend and their father Hong Ching Yeung (David Chiang) is a mentor to him in the jewellery company they worked in. Wor tries to help the 3 sisters whenever they faces difficulties. Moses Chan's character Ho Chit Nam only appears in the 3rd episode and he appears to be a heartless and mysterious rich playboy who does not show much emotion. Bowie's character Ko Cheung Sing also appeared in the 3rd episode and appears bent on competing with Moses. I'm gonna continue watching this drama so that i can find out more about Moses and Bowies' characters and what would happen next to the 3 sisters.

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