Friday, October 3, 2008

Lunch at Tampopo Family Dining

After trying out the yummy desserts at Tampopo Deli previously, my brother and i bought our mum there again last Friday to try out the desserts and also have lunch at the restaurant. We were also hoping to buy the cream puffs which was sold out when we went previously. We were lucky that day and managed to buy 2 each home after waiting for 2 hours as the first and second batches were sold out. The cream puffs were really as yummy as what i read in the newspaper reviews.
Lunch at the restaurant was also super yummy and the place was real cosy!! We were there at around noon before the lunch crowd and were lucky to get good seats. My brother and i ordered the ramen as the restaurant was supposedly famous for its ramen and we did not regret our choice. The noodles were firm and chewy and the soup was real tasty. My brother finished all his soup and had left him craving for more. The gyoza we ordered were also yummy and made with black pig meat. My mum ordered the top grade black pig loine cutlet set and we tried some of it and it was really much more delicious than the normal pork cutlet we had with our ramen. Freshly fried, the light breaded crust was crispy on the outside, yet tender with a tint of sweetness on the was really the best pork cutlet i have ever tried haha..... I was so tempted to order another set but then decided to save my stomach for the desserts. We would definitely be back for more :>
We had delicious desserts at the deli while waiting for our cream puffs and shared the super light cheese chiffon cake and chocolate chiffon cake. It was so delicious that i ended up buying 2 more cheese chiffon cake home to share with hubby. I really can't wait to go back there again soon and i used to hate going to Liang Court as it is so out of the way and there are not much things to shop around other than eating. But going there for the food is definitely a real motivation for me hehe ;>
(Tampopo Family Dining: 177 River Valley Road, #01-23/24, Liang Court Shopping Centre Tel: 6338-3186 Tampopo Deli: #B1-16.Tel: 6338-7386 )

Gyoza using black pig meat

Tonkatsu Ramen with Tasty Egg (soup made with black pig bones)

Top Grade Black Pig Loine Cutlet Set $25.80

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