Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Korean Drama - The Kingdom Of The Winds / Land Of Wind

I have started watching this drama as 18 episodes have been loaded online (total 36 episodes) at (http://www.mysoju.com/kingdom-of-the-winds/) and only 4 episodes of "Worlds Within" have been uploaded and i would wait for more episodes to be uploaded before watching "Worlds Within". I have been hoping to wait for the DVD set to be released but still can't resist watching it hehe... As mentioned in my previous article about "The Kingdom of The Winds" (http://ladyjansneverland.blogspot.com/2008/08/upcoming-korean-drama-kingdoms-of.html), Song Il Gook will be portraying Jumong’s grandson in this drama which started airing in Korea on 10 September 2008. He also portrayed Jumong in "Jumong-Prince of The Legend" in 2006. Kim Jae Wook who acted in the popular drama, "Coffee Prince" also stars in this drama.

The drama has been earning praise for its grand-scale battle scenes and acting since its airing. I enjoyed watching the first episode which featured King Yuri in an exciting and touching battle scene. I also found alot of nice pictures of the drama to share with fellow fans of the drama. Choi Jung Won looks really beautiful portraying Princess Yeon and i can't help including more of her pictures :>

“The Kingdom of the Winds” depicts the life of King Daemusin (Song Il Gook) (who was known as Moo Hyul before he became king, also known as “the god of war”, of the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-A.D. 668) who conquered the largest land mass in the history of Korea. His love interest will be a Buyeo princess played by Choi Jung Won. The drama starts with King Yuri abandoning his son Moo Hyul (King Daemusin), when he was born as the oracle predicts that he is born with a destiny that will destroy Goguryeo and kill his parents and future son.
Unable to kill his son, the king sends him away, only to find him return as an ambitious soldier. King Yuri had instructed his elder son who was the crown prince of Goguryeo, Prince Haemyeong (Lee Jong Won) to bring the baby away and to break off all ties with Moo Hyul. However unknown to King Yuri, Prince Haemyeong could not bear to abandon his baby brother and asked Hye Ap (Oh Yoon Ah),a woman he loves and the chief decorator of King Jumong's grave to raise Moo Hyul. Prince Haemyeong went back to look for Moo Hyul when he grows up and gave him a chance to be a soldier of Goguryeo and the brothers aim to kill King Daeso of Buyeo...

This profile drawing of Princess Yeon is drawn personally by Song Il-gook!!

The story takes a twist as Moo Hyul falls in love with Princess Yeon (Choi Jung Won), the niece of Goguryeo's adversary. The drama is not just about fighting and killing, but about family. It's about a father and a son and their emotional relationship. War is just a tool and family is what the drama tries to portray. The story continues with the third king of Kogooryeo, "Daemooshin," who intended to expand his country beyond the Booyeo, Nakrang and Chinese Han Empire, and for his son Hodong.


Travels with Wiwaxia said...

Thank you so much for the information about this drama. I've been months without new dramas in Seattle [comcast stopped carrying], but just had Dish tv installed this week. So in medius res, I see The Land of Wind for the first time tonight and hope to find other episodes. So glad to see Song Il-guk again, too.

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Thanks For Sharing!