Friday, November 28, 2008

The Snack That Keeps You Regular


If you hate waiting in the bathroom for a movement that’s oh-so-reluctant to happen, try changing your snacking habits.

Next time you get the munchies, smear a few celery sticks with a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter. Eating lots of water-rich foods (aka celery) and getting adequate magnesium (a la peanut butter) may help keep you regular.

Keep It Moving
A lack of fiber in the diet is a common culprit in constipation. But not getting enough magnesium or not eating enough water-packed foods may have an impact, too. In fact, women in a recent study were most likely to suffer from constipation if they had low magnesium intake and didn’t eat many juicy foods (think watermelon, oranges, peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes).

Just Add Water
Although ample research has found that fiber improves or prevents constipation, this recent study didn’t. But the researchers think the women’s generally low intake of fiber to start with probably affected the results. So don’t ditch your high-fiber breads and cereals. Just remember that the key to making them work is to get plenty of water with them.

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