Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Eva Chan 陳詩慧 - 錯在我/ In The Wrong MV

After writing hit songs like Ron Ng's "Don't Blame Her", Raymond Lam and Linda Chung's "Heart Knows", and Eason Chan's "Flash" and "Concert", Hong Kong songwriter Eva Chan makes her own singing debut in 2008. The multi-tasking singer-songwriter wrote, composed, and produced all the songs in her ten-track debut album "Merci" including the main tracks "Thanks to You" and "In the Wrong".

I really like her voice and songs after listening to her debut album "Merci".
Here is one of the MV of my favourite song from her album which i found from youtube:

(Source: http://www.yesasia.com/us/merci/1012262024-0-0-0-en/info.html)

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