Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ishi Mura (Japanese Themed Food Court) at New Northpoint Extension

I went to Northpoint Yishun with my mum today and she has been looking forward to the completion of the extension so that there are places for her to shop. The extension at the Shopping Centre has finally been completed and alot of new shops and restaurants are opening or have already opened. Shoppers will see the current 144,000 square feet area expanded into 224,000 square feet of sheer shopping pleasure. It will be fully integrated into the existing mall and will boast a broader shop mix with greater retail variety.

New Yishun Library

However what Yishun residents including my whole family have been looking forward to, is having the Yishun Community Library relocated to the new Northpoint extension and its opening. The new library would occupy the whole of level 4 and will be opening on 14 November 2008, 11 am! I can't wait to check out the new selection of books as it is much bigger than my nearby Sembawang library!

However what has made the new shopping extension exciting and attractive to me are the new restaurants like Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe and Ishi Mura which is a Japanese themed food court concept and opened today. I had Dim Sum with my mum at Xin Wang and dinner with hubby at Ishi Mura as i was really curious about the concept of a Japanese themed food court with stalls selling only Japanese food located at level 3 of the new shopping extension. I would write more about Ishi Mura in this post as it is a new dinning concept and i'm sure alot of Japanese food lovers like me would be interested to find out more about it. I found out online that Ishi Mura is started by the firm behind the Suki Sushi and Sakura buffet restaurants and it is opening another branch at City Square Mall in the Little India area. What attracted me to Ishi Mura was its nice and cosy decor which does not even look like a food court from the outside.

There was quite alot of people who was also as curious about the new food court and its offering of a large selections of Japanese food on its first day of opening as hubby and me and we were lucky to have found seats. There are alot of Japanese food to choose from like yakitori bento, omelette rice, rice burger, curry rice bento, sushi stalls etc. I tried the salmon omelette rice with cream sauce which cost $5.90 and it was quite delicious and i like the cream sauce although it would have been perfect if it was not too salty. I had to wait a long time for my order as the cashier had mixed up all the orders but since it was the first day, i'm hoping that there would be improvement of service during my next visit and hopefully there is a more proper system of taking orders to prevent long queues and waiting time.

Hubby tried the salmon tofu rice which cost $7.90 and he was real satisfied with his food. There was a generous serving of salmon and the tofu was yummy. I'm gonna tried it out on my next visit. I really like Ishi Mura's nice Japanese decor and its almost like having restaurant food for food court prices which is real worth it! The ramen also looks yummy with the pretty bowls and i'm also looking forward to trying the dish next time.

Salmon tofu rice $7.90

Salmon omelette rice $5.90

I could not resist taking more pictures of this new dinning concept to share with fellow food lovers and you can look at the pictures below. Do support this new dinning place if you happens to be at Northpoint :>

Pizza and pasta stall

Japanese can drinks and tibits for sale

Ramen stall

Look at the crowd!

Nice and calming decor

Various types of Omelette rice

Fruits after dinner :>

Sushi stall

Fruits and drink stall


Mr Round said...

Ishi Mura's not bad.

I like the cosy interior design and having only just picked up Japanese as an elective module this semester, I had fun walking around trying to decipher the hiragana words.

My sister tried the Ebi meal from the Omelette stall while I had a Combo Set 3 from the stall selling yakitori.

The Ebi's quite fresh, thought my sister questioned the usage of cabbage and corn. For me...hmm...the container that came with my meal seems to be a bit unstable and have a tendency to spin around a bit everytime I am trying to scoop out some more rice to savour.

Comparing the Ebi to the grilled meal set that I had, I thought the Ebi set had a more refreshing taste...

...and yes, we live in Yishun, so the concept of a Japanese food store here at Northpoint would be greatly cherished by my sister and me.

Don't mind me saying this...but...some of your pictures are a bit too blurry and overexposed to light at times.

Hope to see more updates about Ishi Mura in the future!

A fellow foodie

Lady Jan said...

Hi fellow foodie :>

thanks for sharing your experience of the place, yup some of the picture did not turn out that well as i was using my handphone and had difficulty taking also due to the crowd. Hopefully i can take nicer pictures during my next visit.