Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picture Of My First Cambridge Satchel Fluorescent Orange Bag :)

I first wrote about this bag in April and have just received my bag after waiting patiently for more than a month after my pre-order. A friend who was at my place when i received the bag felt the orange was too bright but i love its bright and cheerful color and can't wait to bring it out soon! :) A big thanks to Doorstep Luxury for bringing in the Cambridge Satchel bags and for its the wonderful customer service and i can't wait to receive my vintage brown bag hopefully by next week ;)

Photo May 26, 5 08 04 PM

Photo May 26, 5 08 08 PM

Picture added 8 June 2011:

Photo 8-6-11 3 52 51 PM

Photo 8-6-11 3 53 26 PM

Photo 8-6-11 3 59 56 PM

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