Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Sleeping Pack_EX Is My Most Favorite Laneige's Product :)

I have been using Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack_EX for a year and applies it on my face once a week before bedtime or if i'm going to switch on the air-con while i sleep so that my face will stay hydrated. I love how my face feels soft and looks radiant the next morning :) Do give this product a try if you have not use it before.

Picture 12

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While the world is asleep, your skin is getting an intensive personal rejuvenation~!

Luxuriate in Laneige's #1 bestseller, Water Sleeping Pack_EX, and enjoy waking up to baby-soft, radiant skin the next morning!

Intensive Overnight Regeneration: Regenerates skin cells and activates skin metabolism with intensive overnight hydration and rejuvenation

Concentrated Hydration: Beta-glucan and Ceramide provide increased excellent moisture retention by fortifying skin cells to hold more moisture, while repairing and healing damaged skin cells for healthy, hydrated skin

Brightening Skin Complexion: Hunza apricot extracts brighten darkened tired skin, purifying skin by removing dead cells for a revitalized, brightened skin tone

Aromatic Comfort Sleep: SleepscentTM, Laneige’s patented aromatic essence, helps to relax mind & body and improves the quality of sleep, while strengthening the skin’s regenerative capacity


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