Friday, May 20, 2011

Ettusais Quick Fix Powder Event @ Causeway Point Woodlands


I went to the Ettusais event few weeks ago at Metro Causeway Point and bought its new Quick Fix Powder as i love its pretty pink casing and have read good reviews about it online. The price is also really reasonable at S$28/- and luckily i had made reservation in advance as it was all sold out at the end of the event. I also got a free miniature set of pore concealer and UV base and bought its colored lip gloss and lip balm so that i can also get its cute pink pouch. 

Photo Apr 30, 3 45 04 PM

Photo Apr 30, 3 45 19 PM

Photo Apr 30, 5 52 42 PM

Photo May 06, 3 37 44 PM

Photo May 06, 3 38 39 PM

I have used the powder for about a week and loves it as the mineral powder and pore covering powders help this press powder to hide shine and pores in quick and easy pats and is really suitable for those with oily skin! I have combination skin and it helps to get rid of the shine on my t-zone area. I also love the fluffier than usual puff that makes application quicker and i love its feel on my face :)

Photo May 06, 3 41 04 PM

Photo May 10, 9 55 01 AM

Photo May 06, 3 39 00 PM

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