Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist

This is a post that i have wanted to post before Mother's Day but had no time to do it as i was busy attending and watching elections rallies online and could only find the time to do it now.

Picture 11

This new whitening product by SK-II was featured in 女人我最大 as the perfect gift for mother's day and i have included the video below :)

I bought a 30ml bottle of the SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist which replaces its derma defination whitening product during the Metro storewide 20% discount recently while i was at the SK-II counter to purchase a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) and also received some free travel size products with the purchase.

Photo May 10, 9 59 55 AM

Photo May 10, 10 00 26 AM

Photo May 10, 9 58 37 AM

The new Whitening Spot Specialist is a serum that not only lightens dark spots but penetrates deepdown to target five times more unseen spots that have yet to appear on the skin’s surface. The product has a newly patented formula called the Spot Root Complex, which includes ingredients like the all-important Pal-pal extract that reduces dark spots, and also its well-known whitening component Pitera™ that helps to give crystal clear skin. Clinical studies have shown a significant reduction in dark spots after using it twice a day for four weeks.

I can't wait to start using this product and testing if it really lightens my freckles and acne marks by the 4th week of application. I was advised by the beauty consultant to apply it twice a day after applying my Facial Treatment Essence. I love its light texture when i tried it on my hand at the counter and that it absorbs into my skin quickly. I also received a sample of the Cellumination Mask in Lotion which i was told can replace the mask and is to be use daily after toner follow by Facial Treatment Essence and moisturizer. I can't wait to try out the Spots Specialist after i finish using my Shiseido White Lucent range. I love the White Lucent range and it has help to lighten my freckles and acne scar but i'm curious if the Spots Specialist will work even better. 



Dean Christian Robert said...

Hello, I would like to know if the Whitening Spot Specialist has worked for you so far?
I have some acne scarring, do you think it will be good that? Thank you!!

Lady Jan said...

Hi i have not started using it yet as i'm still using my Shiseido Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. I will update this post once i have tried it. Should be around end of June :)

fleur said...

Hi, May I know if the Whitening Spot Specialist is effective?
I've been using the Shiseido spot targeting serum for about 2 months. Now using the SK-II whiteing spot specialist concurrently, but seems that I have more pigmentation surfacing instead.

Lady Jan said...

Hi Fleur my skin has been quite sensitive lately and i have not tried the Whitening Spot Specialist yet as i'm afraid that adding a new product will irritate my skin. You may wish to get a skin check at the SK-II counter if you are residing in Singapore to see if the product is working for you and also to check on your concern of more pigmentation surfacing.

Lady Jan said...

For those who have been asking me about the effectiveness of this product: I have started using it for 1 week plus and at night (you are supposed to use it twice a day but i decided to try with once a day first to see how my skin reacts to it) and i love its light texture and that it absorbs easily into my skin and does not irritate my skin. I have not seen any improvements to my freckles and acne scar so far and hopefully there will be results soon :)

Lady Jan said...

I have been wanting to post an update but did not have the time. I have been using the Whitening Spots Specialist for more than 3 months and apply it daily at night and finds that it works well with the Cellumination Essence which i applies daily in the morning. Some of my existing freckles and acne marks have lighten alot and i have not seen any sight of new freckles recently :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Jan :D

What moisturizer do you use after putting the SKII whitening spots specialist and cellumination essence? Do you use the cellumination deep surge moisturizer?

Lady Jan said...

Hi i'm using SK-II cellumination deep surge (Day) and skin signature (Night) for moisturizer :)