Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bags For Sales


I have been spring cleaning my wardrobe the past few months and taking stock of the bags that i have bought and kept stored away and have never or seldom use. I have given away or sold some of the stuffs (clothes, wallet, bags and skincare products) that i have not used or just used a few times to my family and friends as i believe that they will make better use of it and it is better to give it away or sell it rather then just keeping them in my bursting wardrobe and not use it at all. For those who frequents my blog, you would have noticed that i have bought several new bags recently from Kate Spade, Coach and Doorstep Luxury and have been using the bags more frequently thus neglecting my other bags. All the bags and other stuffs that i'm selling here are all real and are bought awhile back in Singapore or when i went for holidays overseas and are brand new or i have used at most 3 times or less. As it has been awhile since i bought the stuffs, i did not keep the receipts. I have posted pictures and details of the bags below. I will be adding more bags and stuffs as i sort out my wardrobe and take pictures of it to post below. I will also include some attractive free gifts to be given away with some of the purchases :) do keep a lookout for it and you can email me at if you have any question about the price and product details. I'm sorry that the sale is only for Singapore as you will have to collect it at Sembawang MRT Station and i'm unable to post it overseas.

1) Longchamp Le Pliage Beige Color Bag For Sale

Selling Longchamp Medium size light beige color bag @ S$140/-. Original price at local store S$222/-. I love Longchamp's bags for its durability and quality and decided to let go of this bag as i have 3 other longchamp bags of different colors. Bought this bag at Narita Airport in end 2009 and used only twice. Looks brand new, no receipt but comes with Longchamp paperbag and free gift of brand new 15ml SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C (manufacturing date 1 July 2010) and is really suitable for those with dry skin.


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