Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thoughts After The Election



I slept at about 4am as i was following the election results on TV and listening to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's press conference at the end. The PAP has not done as well compared to 5 years ago and i guess the people has spoken and the PAP will really need to show that they are willing to listen to the people and be more humble. The PAP took 81 of 87 seats and 60.14 per cent of the popular vote, less than the 66.6 per cent it garnered in 2006 and the lowest by the party ever. The results of the Elections marks a new chapter in Singapore's history. I'm so proud of the Aljunied residents for voting the Worker's Party team into Parliament!!! This is the first time in Singapore history since independence that an opposition party has won a GRC!!!! I was also really happy that Yaw Shin Leong from the Worker's Party won the Hougang SMC and performed even better than Mr Low Thia Khiang in 2006! Well done residents of Hougang SMC!!!

The other candidates of the Worker's Party for the other GRCs and SMCs also did quite well even though they lost to the PAP. Especially Mr Yee Jenn Jong for Joo Chiat SMC which lost only marginally to Mr Charles Chong! Even though i was really happy for the Worker's Party, i also feel sad that Singapore has lost a great Foreign Minister in Mr George Yeo. It is really a sad day for Singapore's politic that Tin Pei Ling is now a MP at Marine Parade GRC and a good MP like Mr George Yeo is no longer MP!!! The votes for Marine Parade GRC has also dropped and i feel that she is the weakest link there. Mr George Yeo should be moved to Marine Parade GRC and replace her as MP!!! There is already a Facebook page online for "We Want Mr George Yeo In Parliament And Not Tin Pei Ling" which has garnered 22,034 likes since it was started yesterday! I'm hoping the government proves that it is listening to its people by seriously taking a look at the page and for the media to cover it as so far they have not really reported on the voices of netizens wanting George Yeo instead of Tin Pei Ling in parliament.

It is also really sad that Mr Chiam See Tong has lost Potong Pasir SMC and the result was so close and his bid for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC has also failed. He has been the longest serving opposition MP in Singapore and i really wish to thank him for all the hard work he has done for the opposition and as MP of Potong Pasir. Dear Mr Chiam, we Singaporeans do appreciate you and i salute you!


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