Monday, May 2, 2011

Attending Election Rallies :)

Photo Apr 30, 7 05 04 PM

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I have gone to 2 rallies so far, the SDP rally at Woodlands Stadium on Saturday (pictures above) and Worker's Party Rally at Yishun Stadium yesterday (pictures below) and enjoyed the atmosphere at both rallies and listening to the speeches by the opposition candidates. I have also been watching the speeches given by the other opposition candidates from NSP and SPP online and reading the papers daily to read about the speeches given by the PAP candidates. I especially love the atmosphere at the Worker's Party rally and how supportive the residents are of the candidates. They kept cheering them on and waving the party flags and shouting their encouragements and i really hope that they will end up voting for the Worker's Party come voting day and not just join in the rally because it is fun and interesting. I enjoyed listening to the speeches given by Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim and was impressed with the speech given by another young Worker's Party candidate Pritam Singh, who is contesting in the Aljunied GRC. He is a good speaker and i agree with what he was saying about the upgrading and Malay issues and how the Worker's Party would not lie and give empty promises to residents of Aljunied GRC. They would be able to reveal more concrete plans of what they can do for the residents when they win the elections and take over Aljunied Town Council and have access to the funds to carry out their promises.

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I had gone to the SDP rally as they are contesting in the GRC i'm staying and i thought i would go and listen and give them a chance to share their plans for the GRCs they are contesting but i still prefer the Worker's Party after listening to them as i feel that their candidates are more credible and i can trust the party and people leading the party like Low Thia Kiang and Sylvia Lim. I still have some reservations about voting for the SDP and feel that i have to give credit to my PAP MP Khaw Boon Wan who has been doing a good job in making Sembawang a great place to live in.

However i'm still considering if i should vote for the opposition to voice my unhappiness with some of the PAP's policies especially the issues of upgrading which keeps popping up during each elections. I feel very strongly that PAP should not use things like upgrading (which are from tax payer's money) to influence voter's decision and should not threaten voters that their home values will drop if they vote for the oppositions as it is the government who will cause their home value to drop by not releasing tax payer's money to upgrade their homes. I also feel that it is not fair for the PAP advisers to announce upgrading plans at the opposition wards when it should be done by the opposition MPs who are elected by the residents and their Town Councils have also contributed money to the upgrading costs.

I would definitely vote for the Worker's Party if they contest in Sembawang GRC and am now facing a dilemma about which party i should vote on 7 May and would take 6 May which has been designated a cooling day for voters (no election rallies and campaigning) to think through carefully and vote wisely.

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