Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shopping For My Favorite SK-II Products :)

As mentioned in my post yesterday, i went shopping at Orchard with a friend and we went to do a skin check at the SK-II counter at Takashimaya shopping centre. I have always wanted to find out more about my skin condition since i started using SK-II products last year but the SK-II counter at Metro Causeway Point where i always purchase my products does not have the equipment and i was too lazy to do it elsewhere.

I decided to go for the skin check which took about 15 minutes yesterday since i wanted to purchase Facial Treatment Cream Foundation and could take the chance to find out more about my skin care needs and if the products i have been using has been effective. My friend was also interested in finding out more about her skin condition and we ended up doing the skin check together and buying some products recommended by the friendly and helpful Beauty Consultant Calyn. She was really patient and addressed alot of our skincare concerns and gave us samples to try out without being too pushy. I was satisfied with my result and my skin is well hydrated, quite firm and free of wrinkles thanks to my regular use of Facial Treatment Essence and Skin Signature :)

My only concern is the freckles and some acne marks on my face which i wanted to lighten and also to prevent more freckles from appearing. I have already bought the Whitening Spots Specialist recently and will start using it once i finish using my Shiseido Intensive Spot Targeting Serum. Calyn advised me to consider the Cellumination Pancake instead of the Facial Treatment Cream Foundation which i was interested in as the Cream Foundation is more suitable for those with dry skin and i have combination skin and my T-zone is more oily and using compact powder is better and helps to reduce the shine on my face if i were to use liquid foundation. The Cellumination Pancake will also gives my skin an even coverage and an aura bright finish that last. It also contains ultra fine spherical powders coated with a skincare agent that helps lock in moisture and provides a smooth and translucent finish even after touch ups.

She helped me to apply the Cellumination Pancake and Cream Foundation on each side of my face for me to compare as i was concerned that compact powder will be too drying and i ended up buying the Cellumination Pancake as i love that it is not drying and my face looks more radiant after applying and not shiny. I also ended up buying the Cellumination Deep Surge after she applied it on my face before applying the foundation and i love its feel and light texture and i was also looking for a good whitening moisturizer.

The Cellumination Deep Surge is a daily moisturizer which is infused with a unique active whitening ingredient, De-Melano P3C, that works to balance your skin tone from within to unleash your skin’s translucent aura. My friend decided to try the Skin Signature which is an anti-aging cream and we got a make-up pouch and some travel size products as gifts. For those who are new to SK-II and interested in trying out their products, you may wish to look for Calyn at the SK-II counter at Takashimaya as my friend and i were really pleased and satisfied with her service and will look for her again if we were to purchase other products.

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Samples i received :)

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