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Korean Drama - The Greatest Love






Another new romance cum comedy MBC drama from the Hong sisters has started showing in Korea on 4 May 2011 in the Wednesdays and Thursdays timeslot and this will be the drama that i'm going to start watching after finishing "49 Days" recently. I did not really like the ending as it was really sad and heartbreaking and i was hoping that Ji Hyun will survive and end up with Han Kang although it will be quite difficult as she will not remember what had happened the past 49 days and will not remember her newly discovered feelings for Han Kang and so the ending was perfect in a way and i can't really find fault with it :( It was also really heartbreaking watching the separation scene between Yi Kyung and Yi Soo.

Back to "The Greatest Love", this new drama stars actor Cha Seung Won as Dokko Jin and Gong Hyo Jin as Goo Ae Jung and they have already gotten good reviews from viewers with their great chemistry and acting skills in the drama. It is a drama featuring the life of entertainers when they are not in front of the camera begins. You can watch it online at ( or ( Cha's character is a star much beloved by the public, which means he’s the polar opposite to his love interest, Gong's character who’s dogged by a more negative reputation. It also means that Cha is working with a more clean-cut image than his badass one of recent years.











A raising top star, Dok-Go Jin and Gu Ae Jung who is an ex-top celebrity from most popular has-been girl group “Treasure Girls” enters a fake friendship bond for a variety show. Ae Jung makes appearances on television programs to eke out a living for her troublemaker father and brother. Manager Gu Ae Hwan (Jung Jun Ha) who is not only the older brother of Gu Ae Jung but also, the manager of Treasure Girls insisted that his sister enter the marriage meeting show to save her career being unaware that Kang Se Ri (Yoo In Na) who is also a group member of Treasure Girls is interested in Yoon Pil Joo, an Oriental Medicine Doctor who doesn’t give a care about celebrities nor their lives is added to the love square between the three stars when he falls unexpectedly for Gu Ae Jung.







Two actors Cha Seung-won and Yoon Kye-sang are shaking women's hearts. In the 6th episode of MBC drama "The Greatest Love", Dok Go-jin (Chae Seung-won) and Yoon Pil-joo (Yoo Kye-sang) start approaching Goo Ae-jeong actively.

Dok Go-jin puts in all effort to win her heart; He takes her to an amazing restaurant and even visits her filming site. However unlike his intentions, he keeps saying things that hurt her and make their relationship rip apart. Plus, his jealousy for Yoon Pil-joo makes Dok Go-jin hide his pen in a place where she can't find it and increases her anger.

On the other hand, Yoon Pil-joo makes Goo Ae-jeong feel good and smile. Seeing that she is worried about the pen she lost, he buys a pen just like it and lets her find it. He then asks her out on a date saying he's buying since she found his pen.

Dok Go-jin and Yoon Pil-joo are like two princes' that reflect a woman's fantasy. One frankly tries to earn the woman's heart and the other does it so subtly. The Hong sister's writers know what women want. They want bad tempered and poor towards women Dok Go-jin and considerate and well-mannered Yoon Pil-joo. Kong Hyo-jin who has both their attention at once has the female viewers glued to the screen as she satisfies their fantasies.

Dong Hyo-jin and Cha Seung-won's fighting with each other is one of the attractions of "The Greatest Love". Even in the lamest situations where they use a lie detector to make sure of love and create an over action bigger than 007 when visiting the hospital and such, show how much the two work well together.



Main Cast:




Gu Ae Jung ( Gong Hyo Jin )
She was the most popular member in the most popular girl group “Treasure Girls” 10 years ago but she is now always caught up in bad press situations due to unforeseen circumstances.The washed-up former idol star who is now hardly able to make a living with her TV appearances, has to deal with the “crazy” Top-star “Dok-Go Jin” with whom she shares a bad fate with. But thanks to him as well, she managed to secure a spot on the program ‘Couple Making’ and gets to meet Yoon Pil Joo, a golden bachelor. Thinking that this could be her last chance of getting away from the life she is now living as she gets closer to him, Ae Jung decides to try her best to go for it but why Dok-Go Jin standing in her way of happiness right now?



Dok-Go Jin ( Cha Seung Won )
Why is my heart beating so crazily again whenever Gu Ae Jung is near? Is my artificial heart malfunctioning this time? Top star! The absolute No. 1 that People love! The Perfect Man, sexy and wonderful man, all the popular vote no.1! The model who is most favored by advertisers, has covered various CFs under his belt. He had a really big heart surgery when he was young and is now living with an artificial heart in his body. But after having cheated death at one time, he developed an Obsessive-compulsive disorder habit of checking/monitoring his heart beating rate for fear of it stopping although nothing happened all these years. He is actually a mean, selfish person unlike his friendly image in the public. He is also currently in a pretend love-relation with Kang Se Ri although they have already broke up a long time ago for their appearance sake. He had lived the life he had wishes and done all that he wanted until Gu Ae Jung enters and messed it up.


Kang Se Ri ( Yoo In Na )
She was a member of Treasure Girls along with Ae Jung and Ae Hwan is her manager as well. She used to be overshadowed by Ae Jung when they were still performing as Treasure girls but now she gets much more attention and fame than Ae Jung after she switched to acting and MC. As the MC of ‘Couple Making’, Se Ri finds herself growing with jealousy towards Ae Jung again when she finds her ex-boyfriend, Dok-Go Jin and Yoon Pil Joo, the man that she is interested in falling for Ae Jung.



Yoon Pil Joo ( Yoon Kye Sang )
He is an Oriental Medicine Doctor who doesn’t give a care about celebrities nor their lives and his only hobby is to find the herbs on the mountains around the country over the weekends and finding new medicines to study but he is added to the love square between the three stars when he falls unexpectedly for Ae Jung.

Ae Jung’s family & relations

Manager Gu Ae Hwan ( Jung Joon Ha )
He is a doting brother towards his sister, Ae Jung and even took on the role of her manager when no one wants to. He was a successful businessman with a loving marriage until his downfall. His son, Hyung Gyu was given birth during his divorce. Jenny and Hyung Gyu is working to get to know each other.
Gu Hyung Gyu (Yang Han Yeol)
He is Ae Hwan’s son and Ae Jung’s nephew. He finds it really annoying that the public are spreading rumors that he is the secret son of his Aunt.
Gu Ja Chul (Han Jin Hee)
He is a doting dad who loves his family a lot but his kind or good intentions of standing up for Ae Jung always gets her into bigger trouble than what she is already in. Everything has quiet down for the family ever since he becomes in charge of house-keeping.
Jenny (Lee Hee Jin)
Although she was formerly the leader of “Treasure Girls”, she managed to turn her life around and opens a small restaurant due to her wealthy background as a hobby. She has been providing mental support and money as well to Ae Jung in her times of needs.
Han Mi Na (Baek Seul Gi)
She is the real reason that “Treasure Girls” broke up and it seems like she has completely disappear for good after pushing the mess she had created to Ae Jung

Dok-Go Jin’s family & relations

Representative Moon (Choi Hwa Jung)
She is the agency representative which had signed Dok-Go Jin. As a capable person, she managed to hide Dok-Go Jin’s real bad personality and turn him into a top star.

Kim Jae Seok (Lim Ji Kyu)
He has accepted his manager post despite knowing Dok-Go Jin’s true nature and he is a really large fan of Jenny Noona, the leader of “Treasure Girls”.

Yoon Pil Joo’s family & relations

Yoon Pil Joo’s mom (Park Won Sook)
“I died the moment, you got on the broadcast” was the first time on her mind when Pil Joo went on ‘Couple Making’and got paired with Ae Jung. She is so so so embarrassed and upset to be put to ridicule among her friends.

Other Casts

Kim Eun Ho PD (Choi Sung Min)
Not only is he the main PD of ‘Couple Making’, he is also college Junior of Yoon Pil Joo. He had pushed Pil Joo and Ae Jung together as a couple on the show with the concept of beauty and the beast due to their respective images of a girl with bad public image and a marriageable golden bachelor.
Han Myung Jung (Kim Min Jin)
She is the writer of ‘Couple Making’ and has a strong ‘Siblings’ tie with the MC, Kang Se Ri.
Manager Jang (Jung Man Shik)
He was the former manager of “Treasure Girls” and is now the manager of the mainstream girl group ‘Candy’.
He has a strong dislike towards Ae Jung as she has caused him to lose his job when she accidentally caused “Treasure Girls” to disband.
Ha Ru Mi (Ryu Hyo Young)
She is the youngest artiste cast in ‘Couple Making’ and is the leader of girl group ‘Candy’.
She had tried to ignore Ae Jung who is on the same show but gradually turns to her for advices when she faces the difficulties of living as a member of girl group


"The Greatest Love" Kong Hyo-jin's 'ding dong' best rating 20% close (Updated 3 June 2011)


MBC TV "The Greatest Love" on the 26th May 2011 rated its best yet again.
According to AGB Nielsen Media Research on the 27th, "The Greatest Love" rated 17.9% on the 26th. This is 0.5% more than the previous episode.
On this days episode, Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) decides to refuse Yoon Pil-joo (Yoon Kye-sang) and accept Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won).
As Dok Go-jin finds out why his heart had been thumping at the song "Thump Thump" by Girl's Nation, he tells himself that it wasn't love and it was hypnotism. What will happen to the three's relationship have viewers all curious.
Cha Seung-won now knows why his heart thumps in front of Kong Hyo-jin.
On the MBC drama "The Greatest Love" on the 26th, Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) goes to see the doctor who operated his heart for his regular check up.
While waiting for the doctor, Dok Go-jin finds a Girl's Nation CD and hears from a nurse that the doctor listens to their songs every time he's doing surgery. Dok Go-jin then runs to the doctor thinking, "If this is the song that was on while my heart was being operated on then it explains everything".
As he confirms that the song that was playing while he was under surgery was indeed "Thump Thump" by Girl's Nation from the doctor, he yells with joy at the fact that he wasn't responding to Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) but just the song.
Meanwhile, Goo Ae-jeong had been told she was being liked by Yoon Pil-joo and Dok Go-jin had told her, "Don't step on my heart". While she knows she has to choose Yoon Pil-joo in her head, her heart is already with Dok Go-jin.
At the end of the episode, when she hears that Dok Go-jin is in the hospital from his manager, she can't help but be anxious and worried. She asks herself, "You're worrying about him being sick, you want to see him right? Ding dong!" and runs to him.
However, when Dok Go-jin sees her he coldly says, "I've got good news for you. My heart doesn't thump for you. I don't thump for you anymore". When Goo Ae-jeong asks "Does that mean you don't like me anymore?" he answers "Ding dong!" and the episode ends.
As the love line between the two turns a twist from Dok Go-jin having a crush on her to the other way round, viewers are curious as to what will happen next.

Lee Seung-gi Special Cameo Appearance On "The Greatest Love" & Rising Popularity Of The Drama

Picture 14

Picture 19

Actor and singer Lee Seung-gi made a surprise cameo appearance on the MBC drama "The Greatest Love". On the 9th episode of "The Greatest Love", Lee Seung-gi acted as the star Lee Seung-gi and it was a short but impressive cut. Lee Seung-gi tuned with Cha Seung-won, Jeong Joon-ha, Lee Hee-jin, Lim Ji-gyoo and more in the MBC Dream Center on the 30th. He emphasized on his usual image of being well mannered and kind. The 'Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) and Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin scarf incident' happened again but this time Lee Seung-gi and Jenny (Lee Hee-jin). Cha Seung-won taught him the Dok Go-jin finger move and showed friendliness by putting his cheek against his and more.

Lee Seung-gi had promised the writers Hong Jeong-eun and Hong Mi-ran to do a cameo show on this drama when they met through "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho". Also, he is close to Cha Seung-won so he didn't hesitate to agree to this.
Meanwhile, "The Greatest Love" is continuously increasing thanks to the realistic episodes that happen behind the scene and the comic act by Kong Hyo-jin and Cha Seung-won. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, it rated the best so far last 26th with 20.2%. The drama has also had a variety of appearances by actress Park Si-yeon, the cast of "Sebaqui", director Jang Hang-joon, martial arts director Jeong Doo-hong, comedian Lee Byeong-jin, announcer Oh Sang-jin, singer Horan, Stylist Jeong Yoon-ki, comedian Ahn Yeong-mi and more.
On the 9th episode on 1st June 2011, Dok Go-jin realized the truth after trying to clean up his feelings towards Ae-jeong and Pil-joo's (Yoon Kye-sang) feelings for her get bigger. Viewers are curious as to whom Ae-jeong will choose between them.

Picture 8

Picture 15

Picture 10

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 18

Picture 17

[Spoiler] "The Greatest Love" Yoo In-na confesses to Yoon Kye-sang, gets scolded and cries


Kang Se-ri (Yoo In-na) got scolded after confessing to Yoon Pil-joo (Yoon Kye-sang). On the 9th episode of MBC drama "The Greatest Love", Kang Se-ri confessed to Yoon Pil-joo that she likes him. This was right before Yoon Pil-joo was going to confess to Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) in "Couple Making". Yoon Pil-joo was embarrassed but when he confessed she accepted him.
Then he found Kang Se-ri. He told her, "Why do you make someone embarrassed by saying something like that at such a time?" Kang Se-ri got upset and said, "I did it because I don't like Goo Ae-jeong. I wanted to ruin the show". Yoon Pil-joo then scolded her saying, "Why is someone so pretty so mean? Don't even joke about that". Kang Se-ri then cried by herself in the bathroom. Her importance had decreased even in "Couple Making" because of Goo Ae-jeong.

1st place "The Greatest Love" on standstill (Updated 11 June 2011)


MBC drama "The Greatest Love" hesitates right before breaking through 20%.
According to AGB Nielson Media Research on the 10th, "The Greatest Love" on the 9th rated 18.4% on national average.
This is a standstill compared to the previous rating but still rated 1st place. It looks like it's taking a deep breath before breaking through 20%.
Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) and Goo Ae-jeong (Kong Hyo-jin) exchanged feelings for each other and started being affectionate in this episode. Ae-jeong apologized to Yoon Pil-joo (Yoon Kye-sang) who liked her and Dok Go-jin announced a break up with surface lover Kang Se-ri (Yoo In-na).
SBS "City Hunter" rated 14.2% and KBS 2TV "Romance Town" rated 10.2%.

Korean Drama "The Greatest Love" Ending This Week (updated 22 June 2011)
The Hong Sisters have done it again! Every time a drama i enjoys watching ends, it will feel as if it is the best drama i have watched and i will not expect another new drama to top the success of the current drama but another new Hong Sisters drama will get my attention not long after and most of the time it will turn out even better than the previous drama :) That is why Korean dramas are so popular around the world and the top search for my blog is also related to Korean dramas as they have consistently come up with interesting and unique plots to attract the attention of viewers.

After watching wonderful dramas like "My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho", "Secret Garden", "49 Days" recently, i did not expect to find even more interesting dramas like the drama i'm currently watching "The Greatest Love" which is ending in Korea this week and "City Hunter" which has also captured my attention. I was watching episodes 12, 13 and 14 of "The Greatest Love" this 2 nights and really touched by Dokko Jin's love for Gu Ae Jeong and you can only find such bittersweet love in Korean drama! He is even willing to use the news of his heart surgery to help cover the bad reports of Ae Jeong even though he would have to be pestered and stressed by reporters before his surgery. Ae Jeong on the other hand refused to use him to improve her image out of love for him.




One moment i feel so sad for them and another moment the Hong Sisters will add some funny elements to make you laugh like crazy. The scene in episode 12 where Dokko Jin's manager Jae Seok appeared drunk and started feeling Dokko Jin all over to the shocked of both Dokko Jin and Ae Jeong makes me laugh non-stop!!




I also love the song "I Can't Drink" by Baek Ji-young which was featured in episode 13. You can listen to it below:

I also love the kid that played Ae Jeong's nephew. He is so cute and it was really sweet seeing him and Dokko Jin becoming real pal and it was so touching when he retrieved the track shoes that Ae Jeong forced herself to throw away that was given by Dokko Jin. He understands her pain and love for Dokko Jin and even wash the shoes for her after bringing it home!





I can't wait for the final 2 episodes to be available soon online and i really hope that my beloved Dokko Jin will end up together with Ae Jeong and i'm sure that is what all fans of the drama want :) I have included 2 articles below that i found online regarding the ending of the drama to share with fellow fans of the drama.




[Spoiler] "The Greatest Love" Cha Seung-won leaves a message with Choi Hwa-jeong before surgery


Dok Go-jin left a will to chairwoman Moon before his surgery.

MBC TV drama "The Greatest Love" on the 16th showed Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) on the surgery bed between life and death.

He took care of Goo Ae-jeong until the end. He printed the story of his heart surgery to media and settled Goo Ae-jeong's rumor and asked for Moon's help in protecting Goo Ae-jeong who would be left alone to deal with the rumors if he was to die.

Dok Go-jin's manager Kim Jae-seok (Lim Ji-gyoo) passed on a small envelope to chairwoman Moon. In it was a CD saying "TO Goo Ae-jeong" and a picture of him kissing her.

When Kim Jae-seok tells her, "He wanted this to protect Goo Ae-jeong in case something goes wrong", Moon understands that to be that he wanted Goo Ae-jeong to become the greatest lover.

Those who have seen this episode say, "What's in the CD? I trust the Hong sister's endings but I'm not sure", "The CD and picture is a will. I hope he doesn't die", "I wish the CD was watched together and not Goo Ae-jeong alone, please say he's teasing everyone", "The drama is called "The Greatest Love" because Goo Ae-jeong saves him. I trust the Hong sisters" and more.

[Spoiler] "The Greatest Love" Cha Seung-won's heart surgery? Spoiler revealed


The result of Cha Seung-won's heart surgery was revealed by the production.
According to the preview of the 15th episode of MBC "The Greatest Love", Dok Go-jin (Cha Seung-won) transforms into an even more special person after having taken rest from somewhere overseas. His surgery had succeeded and he had become even more popular.
On the previous 14th episode, Cha Seung-won underwent surgery faster than expected. Only having a 10% survival rate, Dok Go-jin waited for Goo Ae-jeong but she only arrived later as she was on air.
Not being able to see Dok Go-jin who was in surgery, Goo Ae-jeong just cried outside and sang "Heart Beat" by the National Girls.
According to the preview, Dok Go-jin becomes an even greater man as the 'man of miracles' and reunites with Goo Ae-jeong as well as 'Ding Dong' Hyeong-kyu (Yang Han-yeol).
Those who have seen the preview spoiler say, "The upgraded Dok Go-jin looks fun", "Thank God he's alive", "I wish Goo Ae-jeong isn't worried", "He is the man or miracles", "So proudly spoiler revealed" and more.


Rom-com Queen Knows She’s On Borrowed Time (updated 16 July 2011)

LadyJan: I found this article online from ( to share with fellow fans of Korean drama "The Greatest Love". 
‘I love [the public], but I don’t believe in them. Their love lasts about two months. So I always try to enjoy their love .?.?. and prepare for the next chapter.’[j Special] ‘최고의 사랑’으로 더 많은 ‘호감’ 얻은 배우 공효진

Actress Gong Hyo-jin has become known as the reigning queen of romantic comedy after the recent drama series “The Greatest Love.” [JoongAng Ilbo]
An unlikely pair falls in love in “The Greatest Love,” a drama series that ended last month: An A-list actor, with an impeccable image, falls for a washed-up member of a former girl group. With a couple scandals in her past, she is often the public’s scapegoat.

With its catchy writing and realistic portrayal of the nation’s entertainment industry - where actors often take their own lives because of groundless and malicious rumors spread online - “The Greatest Love” hit it big.

Behind the success of the series is actress Gong Hyo-jin, who has been praised for her natural acting skills. Thanks to the drama, she garnered the nickname of “reigning queen of romantic comedy.”

Gong is not a conventional beauty, but she knows how to draw in the audience. Her shy glances with her counterpart, viewers say, cause butterflies.

Her start wasn’t very romantic, however. She debuted as a troubled teenager in the 1999 horror film “Memento Mori” and often portrayed tomboy or strong female characters until she appeared in the drama series “Pasta” (2010) as a novice cook who falls in love with a chef. That drama gave her the nickname “Gongvely,” a combination of Gong and lovely.

The JoongAng Ilbo sat down with Gong to hear about her life as an actress and her future and dreams.

Q. The drama series was a huge hit. How do you feel?

A. I didn’t know how popular it was when I was shooting the drama but now I know. I think I’m lucky (to have landed a role in the drama series).

Your character, Gu Ae-jung, is a scapegoat. The media, public and even her peers often blame her for everything. But actress Gong is different. All articles, reviews and even blog posts praise you and your acting in the drama.

I really appreciate it. There were headlines like “An actress with a magic touch” and “An actress who makes her counterpart stand out.” I felt flattered.

What’s your secret to success?

I think I was lucky. There was once a time when the screen was dominated by actresses who are far from typical beauties and that was when I debuted. As you know, (the entertainment industry) is one where everyone competes with one another. I think I was able to survive because of the way I look. They say I look like a girl next door.

What do your characters share in common?

They are straightforward and they don’t hide their feelings.

What do your characters share in common with you?

I think I’m close to my characters. And I think it is one of my greatest assets.

You’ve been acting for a decade. Did you have a turning point in your career?

I think I wasn’t that passionate about my work until 2003. I thought of myself as a person who became an actress by luck. But I came to realize that I needed a change as an actress. And that was in 2006 when I landed a role in “Family Ties.”

Director Kim Tae-yong is my mentor. He also directed my first film Memento Mori. After Family Ties, the drama series “Thank You” helped me realize that I have a passion for acting.

(In Thank You, Gong played a single mother who cares of her HIV-positive daughter and a grandfather who struggles with dementia. -Ed.)

How do you cope with a career slump?

I just wait until I find a role that suits me. Sometimes it takes such a long time and it makes me nervous. Nobody wants to be forgotten by the public. But it’s better than making a wrong decision, I think.

What does the little tattoo on your index finger mean?

It means peace. For many actresses, getting a tattoo on their finger is sort of taboo, but I did it because I’m preparing for a future when I have to live my own life not as an actress. I want to put distance between actress Gong Hyo-jin and ordinary person Gong Hyo-jin. I believe that’s how I can lead a happy life in the future when I can’t be loved by the public.

The public makes stars but they also easily turn away from them. Do you love the public?

I love them, but I don’t believe in them. Their love lasts about two months. So I always try to enjoy their love to the fullest extent and prepare for the next chapter.

What made you become an environmental activist? You’ve published a book about the environment last year.

The biggest pleasure for actors is doing a film or drama series and being loved by the public, but there are times when you can’t do what you want. When I was feeling empty, I started to grow plants.

Watching them grow and bloom was a simple but great joy. I also spent more time with my dog and taught him several tricks. He was changing before my eyes. That’s how I got interested in the environment.

What do you do for the environment in your daily life?

I recycle. I also reuse plastic bags and drive a small car.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I hope the public still expects something from me.

What are your plans in the short-term?

I want to go hiking or take a break at the beach. Ah! I also want to learn how to play the piano.

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Lady Jan said...

Just watched 3 episodes of this drama and it is really a joy watching Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin's funny antics in the drama. I'm so in love with Cha Seung Won's character Dokko Jin as he is such a bad ass but a cutie at the same time ;) Both actors really make a cute and sweet couple with their constant bickering and for those who have not watch this drama, do give it a try and i'm sure you will also find it as enjoyable as me :)