Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Love BANKAKU Shrimp Crackers :)

Another new Japanese snack that i discovered while shopping at Takashimaya basement 2 Japan Confectionery Zone on Monday was the BANKAKU shrimp crackers which tastes really nice and will serve as a great gift for shrimp lovers as i love its shrimp crackers and its seaweed shrimp crackers also tastes really nice and is even nicer than my favorite prawn crackers and i ended up buying 2 boxes :) I also love its lovely packaging.

The history of BANKAKU Co., Ltd. began when the founder, Kakujirou Ban, established operations. The company name, BANKAKU, comes from the name of the founder, Kaku(ji-rou) Ban. BANKAKU has a 120-years history under the motto, “What’s more a shrimp cracker than BANKAKU?’
Kakujirou Ban improved on the traditional recipes and created a new kind of shrimp cracker by baking them over a charcoal fire. 

Japanese shrimp crackers are a snack food made from shrimp and distinctive to Japan, an island nation surrounded by sea. Shrimp crackers are made from ground shrimp, which are believed to be a good omen in Japan. The ground shrimp are baked, which gives the crackers their characteristic shrimp flavour. The crackers are recommended to anyone as a healthy snack since these savory crackers are rich in calcium & protein but low in calories.

Photo May 16, 1 55 14 PM

Photo May 16, 1 55 28 PM

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