Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Love Cambrige Satchel's New Fluorescent Bags :)


I just made a pre-order via Doorstep Luxury FB for the new Cambridge Satchel 13 inch fluorescent orange bag and paid S$218.50/- after 5% discount :) I have always wanted to get a Cambridge Satchel 13 inch bag so that i can fit in my iPad and also because i love its design but does not wish to order from its UK website due to the expensive shipping charges. I decided to get it once i found out online at that Doorstep Luxury is taking pre-orders for the bags and there are no additional shipping charges!!! The stunning fluorescent Orange 13" satchel is suitable for anyone to use as a summer handbag. Those seeking a trendy bag will stand out with this beautiful and vibrant bag. This bag also adds a splash of colour to make any outfit complete. I can't wait to get my hand on the bag and it should be delivered in end April or early May :)

Here is an article from Her World about the bag:

Doorstep Luxury, Singapore’s online spot for unique accessories, has just announced that it will be getting the cult Cambridge Satchel Company bags.

Not only are these fluro leather, hand-made bags (pictured above) going to soon be available in Singapore, if you log onto the website’s Facebook page you can actually pre-order to ensure you’ll get exactly what you want before they all sell out.
The satchels come in four different sizes – 11 inch, 13 inch, 14 inch and 15 inch – and four super bright shades – green, pink, orange and yellow. The retro “school girl” styling of The Cambridge Satchel Company combined with the crazy colour means these “it” bags will add just the right SS11 trend to any outfit.

As a Doorstep Luxury Facebook fan, you’ll also get 5 per cent off if you pre-order on its new Shop Now function page. Prices are $220 for the 11 inch, $230 for the 13 inch, $240 for the 14 inch and $250 for the 15 inch; if you pre-order you will get the bag around the end of April.
Even Singapore’s premier fashion (well, bag) blogger Bagaholicboy has got in on the action. Having just returned from a European buying trip with the girls from Doorstep Luxury – he is putting together a capsule collection for the website – read what he has to say about the bags on his Bagaholicboy blog. If you can’t decide which one to get – they are all yummy – Bagaholicboy has some suggestions.
The Cambridge Satchel Company bags are available for pre-order at Doorstep Luxury’s Facebook page, Shop Now section. To read up on what bag you should buy and why, go to: To discover unique accessories from around the world, go to:


Anonymous said...

Does the ipad fits in a 11 inch cambridge bag? Thank you so much.

Lady Jan said...

I think the 11 inch bag will be too small and i'm using the 13 inch Cambridge Satchel bag and it fits my ipad perfectly :) If you have lot of other stuffs to fit in your bag then i would suggest you get the 14 inch bag instead as i can only fit in my ipad, wallet, umbrella and spectacle case with the 13 inch bag.