Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking Forward To Voting Day & Going To The Election Rallies :)

Today is nomination day and voting day will be on 7 May 2011. This will be an interesting and exciting election as 82 out of 87 Parliamentary seats will be contested. Worker's Party Mr Low Thia Khiang will also be leaving his Hougang Single Seat ward and contesting in the 5 members Aljunied GRC together with Sylvia Lim, 45, corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao, 50, Mr Pritam Singh, 34, a postgraduate law student, and Mr Muhamad Faisal Manap, 35, a freelance counseller. Mr Low, 54, was the four-term MP for Hougang, which he won in 1991.

This is really a dream opposition team and i have always feel that Worker's Party is the best among the opposition and it is a pity they are not contesting in Sembawang GRC where i live in as i would definitely give them my support! I appreciate what the ruling PAP government has done the past years for our country and deeply respect MM Lee for transforming Singapore into a wonderful place to live and work in. However i still feel that there is a need for opposition in Parliament to scrutinized policies and provide an alternative voice for citizens. It is also not easy contesting as an opposition as they do not have as much resources as the ruling party and i wish that PAP will be fair and not always use upgrading of estates as carrot to get voters to vote for them as these are taxpayer's money and opposition wards Hougang and Potong Pasir should also get the funding for upgrading irregardless of the election results. This is what we Singapore citizens want!

Hopefully the residents in Aljunied GRC would give Mr Low's team a chance as he has earned my respect and support for being willing to step out of Hougang and contest a GRC. WP party candidate Yaw Shin Leong will take Mr Low's place in Hougang. Mr Yaw, 34, owner of an enrichment programme developing who stood in the 2006 elections, will square off PAP's Desmond Choo. It will be a sad day for Singapore if no opposition is elected to Parliament and i hope the Hougang residents will transfer their support for Mr Low to Mr Yaw as i have seen him on TV and he seems to be a good candidate and has 10 years experience with the Hougang Town Council. I'm sure he will be able to serve the Hougang residents well. The first Worker's Party rally will be held on Thursday 28 April 2011, 7.30-10.30pm at the field besides Block 837, Hougang Central, Singapore 530837 and i will be going with my cousin :)


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