Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Ways to Instantly Feel More Glamorous


It’s easy to get into a rut and feel more drab than fab. However, we found seven simple—and affordable—ways that’ll make you feel instantly more glamorous!

1.    Spray on a Sultry Scent.
One spritz of a rapturous perfume can make you feel more put together. Pick a fragrance you find most attractive (sticking to lighter floral scents in spring and summer and woodsier or sweeter scents in fall and winter) and apply it to your pulse points—including your neck, wrists, inside elbows, and cleavage—as part of your morning ritual.

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2.    Dare to Wear Red Lipstick.
Although nude and light-pink lips are trendy this season, no color screams confidence like a vibrant red hue. The trick is finding the right red for your skin tone—blue-reds look best on darker complexions, while pure reds work better on fairer skin.

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3.    Slip into Sexy Underthings.

Tired bras and “granny panties” can make anyone feel frumpy. But you can instantly change your attitude if you dig up or purchase pretty underthings in luxurious fabrics that caress the skin, like silk or satin. Even wearing matching sets you already own can go a long way in helping you feel more pampered, desired, and sexy.

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4.    Perk up Your Polish.

While “shattered,” crackling lacquers (and to a lesser extent, rocker-chick chipped nails) are currently in style, impeccably polished nails with shiny topcoats appear chic and amazingly put-together. Sounds like too much work keeping your mani in top shape and chip-free? Not to worry! Nail art pens, like Sally Hansen's Nail Pens ($7 at Target), are great for camouflaging cracks and other flaws. Simply purchase a hue similar to your current color and stash it in your purse for easy on-the-go touch-ups!

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5.    Don Dazzling Accessories.
It’s amazing how different the same outfit can look (and you can feel) when it’s finished with a little bling or costume jewelry! Whether you’re wearing workday attire or casual weekender clothes, a multi-chain necklace, stacked bangle bracelets, or oversized post earrings add alluring sparkle and femininity in a jiff!

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6.    Throw on Heels.
Many women claim that heels help them stand taller and give them better posture—and there’s nothing more glamorous than a poised, statuesque, and altogether confident-looking woman!

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7.    Get an Eyebrow Wax.
Makeup artists we’ve interviewed consistently tell us that an eyebrow wax is like a 10-minute facelift because it helps to open up the face. Plus, well-defined, shapely brows give you a more polished, refined look.

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