Thursday, April 21, 2011

Start To An Active & Healthier Lifestyle ;)


I love swimming but has stopped going for a long time out of laziness and because i could not find anyone to go with me. Most of my friends do not like swimming and I had a friend who used to go with me but she is afraid of getting more dark spots/freckles if she is always out in the sun. There is also no swimming pool in Sembawang and i will have to travel to Yishun if i wish to swim at Yishun Safra and the unpredictable weather further deter me from going as sometimes it starts to rain once i reach Yishun and i would have made a wasted trip. However i decided that i have to stop finding excuses for myself and should make an effort to go on my own so that i would not feel so sinful whenever i eat my favorite food if i exercise regularly. I'm definitely going to go swimming at least once a week and now i can check the weather for the next day using my Iphone application "Weather Lah" which is really useful and so far quite accurate. I bought a new Speedo swimsuit and goggles so as to motivate myself and have gone for a swim yesterday and hopefully i will be able to go weekly! It feels great and relaxing swimming and i have almost forgotten that nice feeling :)

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