Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singapore Parliament has been dissolved

PRESIDENT S. R. Nathan has dissolved Singapore's 11th Parliament. That means a General Election has to be held within three months.

The next step is for the Writ of Election to be issued setting out Nomination Day, along with the announcement of Polling Day.

In all, 2,311,582 Singaporeans are eligible to vote at the coming general election, up from 2,158,439 in the 2006 round, and 2,036,923 in 2001.

More than one in four voters will be aged 21 to 34. Of these, some 200,000 are first-time voters.

The law states that Nomination Day - when candidates head to nomination centres to present their papers - must take place at least five working days (Saturdays included) or the maximum of one month after the writ is issued.

Candidates can only start their election campaigns after nominations close and right up to two days before polling day. The campaign period must last at least nine days.

In the last General Election, 47 seats were contested, making it the most-pitched battle since 1988. This time round, the number of seats contested is expected to come close to that fought in 1988, when 86 per cent of seats were contested.

There are 87 seats in 27 constituencies - 12 single- member cies and 15 Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) - to be contested this time round.

LadyJan: So excited that election will be coming as i have been eagerly following all the news about the new candidates from the ruling PAP and the oppositions and will definitely attend some of the election rallies before i decide on how to cast my vote :)

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