Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yummy KFC Breakfast

Waffle with scrambled egg

Honey Biscuit

Twister (American)

KFC has started serving breakfast at some of its branches from 7am and i have been hooked to its yummy breakfast since i tried it :> It is real satisfying and a refreshing change from Macdonald's breakfast. Now i got more choices of breakfast after exercising in the morning hehe ;> My hubby and brother also tried the breakfast and like the a.m. Twister (Original Recipe) set which consists of a wrap with chicken, scrambled eggs, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. The waffle with scrambled egg was also yummy but my favourite is the a.m. Twister (American) set meal which consists of a wrap with turkey bacon, hash brown, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese. All the set meals comes with a honey biscuit and drink. I like the honey biscuit which tastes very well with butter. And for $1, you can upgrade your coffee to either a cappuccino, cafe latte or long black. Do give the breakfasr a try and i'm sure you would also enjoy it like i did!!

(Outlets serving breakfast include Bedok, Potong Pasir, Sun Plaza, Woodlands 888, Bugis Village, North Point, Suntec City and Plaza Singapura.)

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Anonymous said...

I think most of the KFC branch serve breakfast.I'm one of the fan for KFC breakfast..all so yummy.