Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve Lunch at Astons and Pizza for Dinner

I have been down with a nasty flu after all the fun and exciting Christmas gatherings with relatives and friends. I ended up losing my voice on Saturday and did not have the energy to post all the photos taken during our gathering till today :> Hopefully my nasty flu would go away soon and i'm looking forward to feasting away for New Year's Eve hehe.....

I went to Astons at the newly opened Sembawang Shopping Centre (#03-14) for lunch with my mother and hubby during Christmas Eve and it was a great dinning experience as the prices were so reasonable and we were so impressed with the food!!! The portions were big and the price was super reasonable with no service charge!!! They have another branch at 121A East Coast Road S(428807).

I ordered the Crispy Fried Fish $7.20 and mushroom soup (comes with 2 slices of garlic bread) $2.80 and my mum and hubby ordered the BBQ Chicken $6.50. For the main course, there is a choice of 2 side dishes and we choosed tasty rice and mashed potato which were real delicious. The Crispy fried fish was yummy but i feel very sinful after eating it as it was too deeped fried. My favourite was the BBQ Chicken as the meat was so tender and i like the sauce. I'm gonna order BBQ chicken during my next visit ;> Our total bill was only $23.60 for 3 persons and we would definitely be going back again to try all the other dishes. If only i had recovered from my flu, i would go there again today hehe...

Mushroom Soup

Crispy Fried Fish

BBQ Chicken

Hubby and i spent a quiet christmas eve at home as it was raining heavily outside. It was so cozy to just spend the night at home enjoying the yummy christmas pizza we ordered from Pizza Hut, listening to Christmas songs and looking at our beautiful Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

wow..look yummy...making me drool.One Fine Day..i will be there to eat till burst wahaha..
Me too also ate tat Pizza combo with my hubby during xmas tasty but sad to say i had tummy upset after eating from 1-5am.
By the way,me love reading yr blog.i'm drop a few comments to you b4.


Lady Jan said...

hi jaslyn,
thks for your comments. Hope u will enjoy the food there as much as i did :>