Friday, December 12, 2008

Hong Kong Drama - Pages Of Treasures / 入黃金屋

Here is another interesting new family-oriented drama (20 episodes) starring this year's TVB best supporting actor Wayne Lai. This drama is a remake from a 1979 classic series "Man in the Net". The drama started showing in Hong Kong on 8 December 2008. The story starts with Fong Hok Man (Paul Chun), who works in a bookstore and lives by the principles that knowledge is power. He has 3 children, 2 sons - Sum Ming (Wayne Lai) and Sum Ching (Eric Suen) and a daughter, Sum Mei (Lily Ho). Sum Ming is not good in his studies and choose not to further his studies. However, Sum Ching is very smart and choose to further his studies in IT at a university in United States. To fund his studies, Sum Ming works hard in Mauritius for better pay.

The two brothers now decides to return to Hong Kong. Coincidentally, they both end up working in the same commercial building, Sum Ming as a security guard while Sum Ching works as a Senior network Security Engineer. Hok Man is afraid that the brothers' different job levels will cause a rift in their relationship.

Sum Ming starts to fall for Yuen Wai Chung (Sonija Kwok), who owns a clay model shop. Hok Man tries to help Sum Ming launch a better career by buying a bookstore for him to manage. Sum Ching, who already has a girlfriend, Yuen Yi (Shirley Yeung), starts to fall for his colleague, Xu Hei Man (Vivien Yeo).

Stay tuned to discover how the head of the family, Hok Man untangle his family from these messy situations.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished watching this film. it is an outstanding film.. It is really nice.. its so rare to find this kind film.. :) really love the piano melody.. nice, it bring peace in my heart..