Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hong Kong Drama - Marriage of Inconvenience / 兩妻時代

I have started watching this entertaining and funny 2007 drama starring Bobby Au Yeung which is currently showing on Starhub Channel 55 Monday to Friday, 8pm. Bobby and co-star Angela Tong are well known for their great acting skill and it was really a joy watching them acting together. In this drama, Bobby plays a match making agency boss who is in a Plight between Two Wives!

Who will Stay Long to be Mrs. Right? Although the owner of a match making agency, the candid Kong Hoi Chuen (Bobby Au Yeung) nevertheless has no luck in finding a girlfriend. He meets Miu Ling (Angela Tong), who has just been disappointed in love, by chance. With his words of consolation Ling is able to get over her failed love temporarily. Six months later, Ling agrees to marry Chuen.

Yet just when Chuen thinks that he is the happiest husband in the world, he finds out that Ling is seeing her ex-lover. Burnt with anger, Chuen decides to divorce Ling. Unfortunately it is not as simple as he has thought. Ling, believing that she has been wronged, refuses to move out of their house. Chuen has no choice but to arrange a fake marriage with mainlander Wu Er Wu Jiao (Toby Leung), whom he agrees can stay at his place for free. With the help of Yang, Chuen hopes to fight with Ling to the finish. But he later learns that Yang is in fact the girlfriend of a triad leader!! On one hand, Chuen loves both Ling and Yang, who have completely different personalities. On the other hand, living with them has put him in a dilemma...

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