Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Korean Drama - On Air (DVD Set $19.90 / $22.90!!!)

I finally found the DVD set for "On Air" selling at a lower price of $19.90 with English subtitles at Poh Kim Video Store in Northpoint Shopping Centre yesterday and bought it immediately. I have been waiting for the price to drop since the video stores started selling the drama set. I was so happy to finally get my hand on the DVD set at half price as the video stores were previously selling the DVD set for $49.90! I can finally watch the drama again and also add to my favourite drama collections :> I also found out that TS video store is selling the DVD set for $22.90 (having half price discount) and the DVD box is nicer than the one i bought. So whoever has been wanting to buy the drama set can buy it now :>


nancy said...

where did u buy? can u buy it for me?

Lady Jan said...

Hi Nancy, you can buy the dvd set at any Poh Kim / TS video stores in Singapore.