Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Gathering With Friends

I have been struck at home these few days recovering from my terrible flu and can't wait to go out soon. I'm still having running nose and sore throat and have cancelled our plans to feast at Seoul Garden today :< Would spend the time uploading more pictures to my blog. Advanced Happy New Year everyone and hope 2009 would be an even better year!!!

I had a Christmas gathering with my friends last Friday at my place and we had alot of fun feasting away and playing with Jolain and Anna's kids :> My friend Angie taught me how to make sushi and it was so much fun. I finally suceeded in my sushi making attempt and i even tried adding kimchi to the sushi. It tastes abit weird for those who do not like kimchi but heavenly for those who loves it like me and another friend Anna. I have been hooked to Kimchi after my Korea trip and found out that Anna too had the same experience. She shared with me another place where i can get my supply of fresh and yummy kimchi and i'm gonna try it out when i go to Orchard.

The sushi was so yummy that i kept eating while cutting them into smaller pieces haha... luckily Angie took over the cutting so that there would be enough sushi leftover for everyone. I'm definitely hooked to making sushi and bought seaweed and rice vinegar from Daiso the next day so that i can make it again. Below are pictures i took of my "sushi lesson" and our fun gathering:

Ingredients for making sushi:

This is the most difficult part to me and i failed a few times, it looks so easy on the picture haha but need skill which i finally mastered hehe....

My "sushi shifu" Angie with her completed sushi :>

Our cute fruitcake which Angie and i decorated

Anna's yummy carbonara pasta

Jolain's son looks so cute....and we could not resist taking alot of pictures of him hehe...

Faith looks so grown up and pretty :>

The kids having alot of fun with the swing

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