Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Gathering With Relatives

Its a yearly tradition to spend Christmas Day with my relatives and have gift exchanges. We had potluck this year at my place and everyone contributed food for the occasion. Below are some pictures taken:

My cousin and cousins' kids

My favourite sushi from Sakae Sushi contributed by my cousin

Cousins's kids were entertained by playing Wii sports games

My brother contributed this super yummy logcake (Tronchetto di Natale) from Valentino Pasticceria, traditional Italian log cake with an infuse of Jamaican Rum sponge cake filled with Italian dark chocolate. I love that it comes in a beautiful gift set box (picture above) and i'm gonna get logcakes from there too next time yum yum...

My lovely Santa's Cottage from Prima Deli

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