Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gifts Ideas

I spent a whole day last week wrapping Christmas presents for my friends. I had decorated my Christmas tree but have not put up the lightings yet as i do not have the time to do it yet. Hopefully i can do it today or tomorrow and post pictures of my beautiful Christmas tree and decorations soon :> Below are some pictures of the gifts i bought to share with those who have not decided what Christmas presents to buy for their love ones and friends. I also included some gifts ideas i came across while shopping.

Christmas Gift Ideas:

I bought 2 boxes of Kit Kats ($6.95 each) from Cold Storage Causeway Point and feels that it would make a great gift for chocolate fans and the free bowl comes in handy when eating :>

I bought these from Candy Empire at Vivocity, this is my favourite chocolate wafer biscuits ($12+) and my hubby and brother always could not resist stealing some from my fridge!! It would definitely make a great gift idea ;>

I bought these Winnie the Pooh magazine and Mickey Mouse storybook from Popular bookstores as gifts for my friend's son

Winnie the Pooh wrapping paper for the kids :>

I found these beautiful Barbie dolls clothes ($3.95 each) from Toys'rus and it would be a great gift for fellow Barbie dolls lovers

This is another pretty Barbie dolls clothes ($9.95) that i found :>

Nice free wrapping paper from Borders!

Storybooks with audio CDs ($10+) for my friend's daughter from Popular bookstores

Nice free wrapping paper from Bugis Junction

Great gifts ideas from The Face Shop :> ($14.95 each) Red Wine Scrub and White Wine Mask. I could not resist buying a set for myself hehe ;>

Gift set from The Face Shop comes with beautiful gift box

Bio-essence Tanaka White set makes a great gift for the beauty conscious :> NTUC Fairprice selling the set at a promotional price of about $31.95 now

I bought some Precious Moments gifts from Takashimaya and really likes the free gift wrapping service, so much nicer than the gifts i wrapped hehe and the blue wrapping paper is so sweet and nice!!

Nice Gift Ideas from Marks and Spencer:


Anonymous said...

Hello Chin Lin... Sarah here. SO love the Pooh wrapper, especially the one with the different portraits of the characters. Pooh storybooks and activity books suit adults too...! ;)

Gift Ideas said...

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