Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LG KF350 Ice Cream Handphone

I'm so tempted to trade in my current LG PDA phone KS-20 for this super cute and sweet pink LG phone whenever my old phone starts giving me problem and hanging. I just sent it for servicing and it is giving me problems again. The LG Ice cream phone also comes in blue color but i prefer the pink one :> It is currently selling at S$338 without contract and i only have to pay $100+ after trading in my phone. However what is holding me back is that this is not a 3G phone and does not have alot of functions like my current phone. Hubby also feels that i'm downgrading by changing to this phone because of its lack of other functions so i'm gonna wait for awhile and hopefully the price will drop further and maybe it would be more worthwhile to buy as a spare phone in case my current is spoilt. Those who are looking for a nice designed handphone and does not really bother about the functions can consider this phone.

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shams said...

It's a great phone and i intent to buy it but before doing that i would like to know what exactly the functions don't exist in it .. thanx