Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Sisters Island Trilogy - Nora Roberts

I chanced upon this popular series by another of my favourite writer, Nora Roberts in the library and managed to borrow book 1 "Dance Upon the Air (2001)" and the final book 3 "Face the Fire (2002)". I'm currently reading book 1 and hopefully i would be able to borrow book 2 "Heaven and Earth (2001)" from the library soon so that i can read them in sequence. I'm enjoying book 1 as i like the setting of a small seaside town and the cozy cafe bookstore which Nell works in and Mia is the owner. The inclusion of magic adds to the excitement of the story and i'm looking forward to how Nell and Ripley discover their magic skills and accept what they are blessed with.

Book 1 introduces readers to the idyllic town of Three Sisters Island. Reputedly conjured by a trio of sisters seeking to escape the Salem witch-hunts, the island remains a place of quiet refuge for one and all, including pretty Nell Channing who arrives in town afraid of her own shadow, with few possessions and no past. But the warm, sunny days and cool, windswept nights, as well as the loving concern of new friends--especially hunky sheriff Zack Todd--soon lure skittish Nell into a much-welcome fresh life.

Nell's new boss, the captivatingly lovely bookstore owner Mia Devlin, wonders from what or whom Nell is running. Mia treats Nell as she would a sister, which isn't too far off the mark, helping Nell discover and explore her inner resources while Zack's romantic attentions bring a rosy glow to Nell's cheeks and to her future. But something wicked this way comes… Will Nell be ready to face and conquer her past? Even with the love and support of Mia, Zack, and Zack's fellow police officer, his peppery, down-to-earth sister Ripley, Nell has the fight of her life--the fight for her life--on her hands.

Book 2 focuses on Ripley Todd, Zack's sister and sheriff deputy. Ripley just wants to live a quiet, peaceful kind of life. Her job keeps her busy and happy, and she has no trouble finding men when she wants them - which, lately, isn't all that often. She's perfectly content, except for one thing: she has special powers that both frighten and confuse her - and though she tries hard to hide them, she can't get them under control...

Distraction soon arrives in the handsome form of MacAllister Booke - a researcher who's come to investigate the rumors of witchcraft that haunt Three Sisters Island. Right from the start, he knows there's something extraordinary about Ripley Todd. It's not just her blazing green eyes and her sultry smile. There's something else. Something he can detect, but she'll never admit. Fascinated by her struggle with her amazing abilities, he becomes determined to help her accept who she is-and find the courage to open her heart.

Book 3 continues with the story of Mia Devlin. She is a a stunningly beautiful, powerful witch who possesses the gift of Fire. Mia locked her heart away when Sam Logan rejected her youthful love and left Three Sisters Island. Eleven years later, Sam returns to the island to claim Mia and take over his family business, the Magick Inn.

Passion still burns between them, but Mia refuses to trust the man who once tore her life apart, leaving her grieving and alone. It's imperative that they find a way to resolve their thorny, complicated relationship for time is running out and the deadline for breaking a centuries-old curse is near. Mia has the steadfast aid of her two sisters of the heart, powerful witches that rule Air and Earth, but without Sam's help, even Mia's powers may not be enough to keep her alive until the deadline. And unless Mia makes the right choice about her heart and Sam, evil may win in the final confrontation, destroying all their lives and Three Sisters Island as well.....


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Anonymous said...

Lady Jan,
I am a big Nora Roberts fan. In fact I have been collecting her books for over 10 years now. If you liked the "Three Sisters Trilogy", you should check out her other trilogies too. Or even just the individual books. She is an exceptional writer. First book I read was "All The Possibilities" during the mid-80s. I have not turned back since then.