Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Her World Beauty Awards 2012 - SK-II Awarded For 7 Products


The popular Her Worlds Beauty Awards 2012 celebrates the best of the best in the beauty industry. It is a yearly online poll by readers of the magazine and also features editors' choice. I also voted online for my favorite SK-II products and am happy that they have gotten 7 awards!!! You can see the list of awards SK-II won at ( and (

I'm already using 4 of its winning products and am considering purchasing its Skin Signature Eye Cream as i wish to add on an anti-ageing eye cream to my skincare regime. For those who are new to SK-II and thinking of trying its products, my top favorite is still its Facial Treatment Essence which i highly recommend.


Do take take a look at the 7 award winning products that i have listed below and my experiences using some of them:


Category: Hydrating Cleanser
Readers' Choice: SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser
Editors' Choice: SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser
This product cares for your skin while it cleanses. It contains Concentrated Pitera and Mild Treatment Essence that leaves your skin hydrated even 30 minutes after cleansing. Work up a fine-textured lather and enjoy its mild rose scent.
LadyJan: This is my all-time favorite cleanser and I use it daily. It is quite pricey for a cleanser but i have been repurchasing it as i love how it makes my skin feels so clean, soft and smooth after cleansing.


Category: Brightening Serum
Readers' Choice: SK-II Cellumination Mask-in Lotion
This unique everyday lotion delivers a mask-like experience on top of its skin conditioning function. It provides intensive moisturisation while boosting skin's Aura- Lucency, delivering hydration and whitening benefits to the skin.
LadyJan: I added this whitening toner to my beauty regime few months ago. I tried a sample for a week and love it so much that i ended up purchasing a bottle and have been using it daily. It really helps to softer and hydrates my skin while giving it a healthy glow :) Just 2 drops of this lotion is enough to instantly hydrate my skin each time and i love its calming light rose scent. It really delivers a mask-like experience on top of its skin conditioning function as promised :)


Category: Spot Targeting / Tone Improving serum
Readers' Choice: SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist
This product helps in spots control and takes a radical double-barrelled approach to fighting spot formation by targeting both hidden and visible spots. It contains the new Spot Root Complex, a strong combination of ingredients such as the Pal-pal extract and De-Melano P3C that demonstrates superior whitening efficacy.
LadyJan: I have been using this spots control serum twice a day. I did not see much results when i started using it initially but it really works miracle and i noticed my freckles and acne scars lightened considerably after about 2 months of usage. I love its watery light texture which is easily absorbed into my skin. I did a post last year at ( about this whitening product and do check it out. I'm not sure if the product works better together with the Cellumination Essence as i noticed my freckles and acne marks lightening and skin looks more radiant when i was using both products daily.


Category: Anti-ageing Cleanser
Readers' Choice: SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleansing Cream
This product contains concentrated Pitera and Mild Treatment Essence, a rich combination that effectively yet gently removes make-up while leaving the skin soft and crystal clear. Its smooth texture and mild rose scent give you a luxurious, cleansing experience.
LadyJan:  I have not tried this product before and have been using FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil to remove my makeups and am satisfied with the product but would be interested in giving this SK-II product a try if i can get a sample the next time.


Readers' Choice: SK-II Wrinkle Specialist
This revolutionary formula contains a Retinol derivative and a high concentration of SK-II Pitera to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin softens from the very first time you apply it and wrinkles begin to disappear after just 14 days.
LadyJan: I'm glad that i do not require this product at the moment but the promise of seeing results after 14 days did make me take notice of the product and i did a search online for reviews by users as i was curious about the effectiveness of the product. Several users have shared online that their wrinkles visibly reduced after 2 weeks of using the product and they noticed softer skin too!! Maybe i should get this as a birthday gift for my mum who has recently started using SK-II products.


Category: All-in-one Skincare Foundation
Readers' Choice: SK-II Cellumination Pancake
This product gives your skin even coverage and an aura-bright finish that lasts. The pancake contains ultra fine spherical powders coated with a skincare agent that helps lock in moisture and provides a smooth and translucent finish even after touch ups.
LadyJan: This is my favorite foundation and i wrote about it last year at ( I love makeups with skincare benefits and used to love using only BB cream or liquid foundations as i find it easier to apply and the coverage is better. I have had bad experiences of using compact powder which makes my face look cakey and dry. However i have become a fan of the Cellumination Pancake as it is perfect for my combination skin and helps it to stay fresh and matt the whole day. The U- shaped sponge also makes it easier to apply the powder on my skin and it gives a smooth finish. I have received compliments from friends about my glowing skin when i uses it.


Category: Anti-ageing Eye Care
Readers' Choice: SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream
Rejuvenate the skin around your eyes and repair 10 concerns (indicate hydration, tone evenness, fine lines/wrinkles around eyes, radiance around eyes, dark circles around eyes, lightness, all day power, firmness around eyes, barrier function and texture around eyes) with this revolutionary anti-ageing formula that contains a blend of ingredients including concentrated Pitera. Feel your skin becoming instantly firmer from the first time you use it.
LadyJan: I have been using the Skin Signature Cream for 2 years and loves that it helps my face stays firm and hydrated and i have been wanting to try the Skin Signature Eye Cream from the same anti-ageing range to prevent wrinkles from appearing at my eyes area. However it is much more expensive than my existing eye cream and i plan to try its sample first before making a purchase although i have greater confidence in the effectiveness of the product since it is a top favorite among Her World readers :)

Keep a lookout for SK-II promotions during this Great Singapore Sale and get the latest news from SK-II Facebook page (

(Source: Her World Magazine Singapore, March 2012 issue)


Miaka said...

Hi Janice, have you tried Facial treatment lotion as a toner and how is cellumination mask in lotion different from it?

Also what is your skin type?

Lady Jan said...

Hi Miaka,

i have combination skin and has been using the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion as a toner during the day time. It contains AHA which helps to remove dirt & dead skins cells so that my skin is well cleansed and i notice that my other skincare products get absorbed into skin quicker. I uses the Mask In Lotion as toner at night for its whitening and hydration benefits. I find it too rich to use twice a day for my combination skin but would suit those with dry skin.

Miaka said...

Thanks for your feedback! I am also using facial Treatment Clear Lotion now and totally love it but am keen to try mask in lotion as my skin analysis at SK-II counter shows I am super low in radiance. :(

Lady Jan said...

Hi Miaka, think the mask-in lotion would be suitable for your skin and hope you will love it like i do. Thanks for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

after seeing your post i'm interested in cellumination pancake. but i'd like to know how is it compared to Lancome maqui blanc miracle compact foundation, maybe u've tried it?
thank you..

Janice said...

Hi sorry i have not tried Lancome's foundation and am unable to do a comparison. Would suggest that you go to the SK-II counter and get the staff to apply the Cellumination Pancake on your face so that you can compare the difference and decide if it suits your skin. That was what i did too ;)

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate a great article or piece of writing. Thanks for the contribution.

Anonymous said...

I love your comment section with the answers, as well as your reviews... Have you gals purchased the sk ii products online before? if the online store products is authentic?