Monday, April 23, 2012

Are You Doing Your Laundry Wrong?


I found this useful article from Yahoo! Shine and think the pointers will come in handy for those who are doing their own laundry for the first time or are not as experienced in doing household chores like me :) I have also been guilty of some of the laundry oops listed below and am always happy to find out more tips and learn from the experts ;)



Overloading the washing machine - Doing laundry is a chore and many consumers rush through it by putting as many items in the washer as they can. But if you put too many garments/items in the washing machine, you will not get enough flushing and rinsing action for good soil removal and overall cleaning.

Using too much detergent - Using extra detergent will not get your clothes cleaner. The unrinsed detergent residues can coat the fibers and will affect how the fabric breathes. Clothes that breathe easily, like cotton, make you feel cooler and absorb perspiration. Fabrics that don't breathe make you feel hot, sticking and slimy.

Using too much fabric softener - We all love soft clothes, but when you use too much fabric softener it can create an oily film on the fabric. This film can make your clothes feel slimy when you wear them and will decrease water absorbency of towels.

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