Saturday, April 7, 2012

Delicious Family Lunch @ Paradise Dynasty Orchard Ion :)

I had a lovely and delicious lunch with my family at Chinese restaurant "Paradise Dynasty" at Orchard Ion #04-12A (Tel: 65099118) which was highly recommended by my brother. I love the decor of the place and it was really relaxing dinning there and those who loves eating Dim Sum should give it a try. It is also a perfect place for tourists to try out authentic Chinese cuisines while shopping at Orchard Road as its prices are really reasonable ;)

Photo 7-4-12 2 11 34 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 10 01 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 10 39 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 12 42 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 06 10 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 08 39 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 14 39 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 14 09 PM

Photo 7-4-12 2 13 28 PM
Shanghai Pork Bun

Photo 7-4-12 2 15 16 PM
My favorite Xiao Long Bao, the restaurant offers 8 different types of this signature Dynasty Xiao Long Bao :)

Photo 7-4-12 2 15 49 PM
Interesting Ginseng Xiao Long Bao :)

Photo 7-4-12 2 17 49 PM
Scallion Pastry

Photo 7-4-12 2 19 25 PM
Tasty Radish Pastry

Photo 7-4-12 2 16 35 PM
Delicious Yang Zhou Fried Rice

Photo 7-4-12 2 17 10 PM
La Mian With Vegetable Pork Dumplings

Photo 7-4-12 2 20 08 PM
La Mian With Chicken Chop

Photo 7-4-12 2 20 56 PM
Dessert Time :)


Miaka said...

I love their la mian

Miaka said...

The pork broth is yummy!

Janice said...

Me too hehe its really delicious and can't wait to go back again. Paradise Dynasty has become my favorite place to dine in when shopping at Orchard :)

FoodieFC said...

Personally I thought that their XLB lose out to Crystal Jade's

FoodieFC said...

Ps: I saw the list of korean drama you watched. I am now addicted to Running Man (korean outdoor variety show). Its real good and help de-stress! =)

Janice said...

My personal favorite is the Xiao Long Bao from Din Tai Feng and has been a long time since i tried Crystal Jade's although recalled it is also really gd :) Thanks for the recommendation, think Running Man showing on Channel U will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Was the price rather affordable?? I am thinking of bringing my parents to have dinner over at Paradise Dynasty, but I do not know if the portion of food is enough for them who are rather big eaters. Haha

Janice said...

Hi think your parents would love the place like my mum did ;) the prices are quite reasonable and similar to Din Tai Feng and Crystal Jade. Our total bill was S$90 for 4 and the main dishes we ordered like La Mian and Fried Rice were enough for 2 person to share. Think we ordered too much dim sum as we were really full after finishing our own main course hehe :)