Saturday, April 14, 2012

KBS World Star Date - Korean Drama "My Husband Got a Family"

This 50 episodes Korean family drama is currently showing in Korea and has gotten good ratings so far. It is also showing on Cable TV at KBS World every Saturdays and Sundays, 6.50pm. I have missed the initial few episodes and plan to catch this weekend's episodes and will try to write more about it soon.

Alot of viewers love its plot of a middle aged woman who has spend years looking for her Mr Right and he must definitely not have any family so that she need not serve her in-laws. She finally meets her Mr Right who is a doctor raised in the US by an adoptive family and has no known relatives in Korea. To her horror, it turns out that his birth parents are still around after they have gotten married and how will she react to the shocking news and what will happen to their marriage?? I have included the video below of the main leads being interviewed on "Star Date" and do check it out ;)


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Anonymous said...

The female lead has an unnatural- looking face. Perhaps the result of too much botox or plastic surgery which make her face look plasticky-shining in every scene.

Check it out yourself.