Friday, April 20, 2012

I Love My New iPad & iPad Bag From Taiwan :)

Finally decided to get the new iPad as hubby got it first and there were no stocks for white color new iPad when i helped him to purchase it at Epicentre last month. I could not help admiring its much clearer and brighter screen which makes it a real pleasure reading e-magazines and e-books! I got mine from Apple Store as the local resellers did not have stock for white color new iPad when i tried to purchase it. I got my new toy delivered to my place in less than a week although i was told that it takes about 2 weeks :) I was really lucky to find buyer instantly for my iPad 2 and it helped to fund part of my new  purchase ;)

Photo 17-4-12 1 58 18 PM

Photo 17-4-12 1 50 56 PM
My cousin was holidaying in Taipei recently and she posted a picture of the iPad bags she bought on Facebook and i was really happy when she offered to help me get one as i love its lovely and cute design. It cost only S$18 and the quality is really good and i love the pretty Little Red Riding Hood design :) The cushioning inside provides good protection for my iPad and also fits it perfectly! Thanks alot dear cousin if you are reading this post :))

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