Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love Jogging To The Beach :)

I mentioned during my previous post that one way of de-stressing is looking at fishes swimming around. Another of my personal favorite way of de-stressing or venting off frustration is jogging to the beach and it helps me feel at peace. Jogging is a free and healthy activity and i try to do it frequently even when i'm not feeling stressed ;) I love being at the beach and feels really happy and relaxed enjoying the cool sea breeze and watching kids playing in the water with their family. Such simple joy but precious at the same time  :)

Photo 26-4-12 11 18 53 AM

Photo 26-4-12 11 20 40 AM

Photo 26-4-12 11 07 52 AM

Photo 26-4-12 11 13 42 AM

Photo 26-4-12 11 17 19 AM

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